Puente Hills Mazda Podcast Episode 1

Puente Hills Mazda is excited to announce our monthly podcast! Now you can listen and receive tips direct from the dealer! Hear about upcoming technology and vehicles. No time to listen? Read the official transcript of each episode right here on our blog. You will definitely find value when you tune in to the Puente Hills Mazda Podcast! Read the rest of this entry >>

Buying or Leasing your New Mazda vehicle - we can help

To Lease or Buy Your New Mazda Vehicle

When you go to buy or lease a new Mazda vehicle, you should look at it as a bit of an investment. You want to stay well-informed of the financing and the leasing options available. Buying or leasing a new car can be one of the biggest decisions that you will make because this is your commute back and forth from work. What are the differences between the two options? Read the rest of this entry >>

silver and red madzda3 cars next to each other

2018 Mazda3 given Coolest New Car Award by Kelley Blue Book

Everyone knows and respects Kelley Blue Book. Well, maybe there is some weird anti-KBB movement somewhere. But for the most part, Kelley Blue Book is a well-respected organization that rates, values, and discusses automobiles. To be named anything positive by KBB is a big deal, especially when you’re named the coolest new car. As a matter of fact, this is the fifth straight year that the Mazda3 has been recognized as the coolest new car by KBB. It’s pretty impressive to maintain a high level of coolness for so long. Things that were once considered cool like CDs, iPods, and fanny packs aren’t so cool anymore (though some would argue the latter). Check out what makes the Mazda3 (hatchback and sedan) so cool.  Read the rest of this entry >>

car's a/c dial

How does Freon work in your car’s A/C system? 

These months are always the hottest ones of the year. We all rely on air conditioning to get us through these excruciatingly hot days. Without A/C, we might all melt. Freon gas is largely what’s responsible for our A/C blowing out cool air. If you are low on Freon, you have probably felt warm air coming from your vents. Let us look at it and get it fixed for you. In the meantime, educate yourself by reading about how Freon keeps us cool.  Read the rest of this entry >>

gray mazda cx-3 in garage

2019 Mazda CX-3 interior design updates 

There is one aspect the Mazda CX-3 has been lacking for a number of years. That aspect is luxury. The CX-3 has fulfilled every other promise possible. It is incredibly stylish, roomy, efficient, and it comes with tons of technological features. If it could just get a bit of an interior makeover to up the class, it would truly have everything. Funny that we bring that up because the CX-3 has done just that. Keep reading to learn more.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Which Mazda 6 is Right for Me?

If you’re in the market for a Mazda 6 – and you really should be, all things considered – you’re going to have some options to sort out. You’re looking at a wealth of options with this vehicle, some of which might be more important to you than others. The Mazda 6 actually has five different trim packages, each of which fits the needs of a specific type of driver. When they’re all broken down, you’ll have a much better chance of figuring out which one works for you.


Mazda 6 Sport

The Mazda 6 Sport is the baseline model, though it’s actually got a fair number of features. In addition to six speed manual transmission and four-cylinder engine, you’ve got a ton of interior features that make the Sport a comfortable drive. You don’t just have a push button start and a dual-zone climate feature, but you’ve also got Bluetooth and USB support, HD Radio, blind spot monitoring, and a rearview camera. You’ve even got intelligent braking support and cross traffic alert, all packaged together in an eight-inch touch-screen.

How much does the basic package cost? If you stick to just the basics, you’ll get it for an MSRP of $21,950. Switching over to automatic transmission raises the price to an even $23,000. If you want advanced features like lane assist, collision warning and other smart systems, you’ll bring the price up another $625. Want parking sensors? That’ll cost extra as well. A fully-loaded, automatic Sport will run you $24,100.

Mazda 6 Touring

The next step up from the Sport is the Touring package. It’s got everything that the base Sport has, but comes standard with an automatic transmission. It even has cylinder deactivation to bring up your miles per gallon, a feature that is also included when you pay more for an automatic transmission on a Sport.

The Touring is more than just an automatic Sport, though. It’s got a host of comfortable features like a power driver’s seat, heated front row seating, a moon roof, and even leather upholstery. It also comes equipped with all of the fancy features that you can upgrade the Sport to have, all included in the base price. This means adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and even collision warning without having to pay extra.

The Touring is going to run you about $25,700 (or $26,175 with parking sensors). At just two thousand dollars more than the fully-loaded Sport package, you definitely get a great deal more for your money.

Mazda 6 Grand Touring

The Grand Touring is where you start to see the packages really diverge from one another. The Grand Touring takes the basic Touring and really soups up the negine, adding a turbo-charged four cylinder under the hood. It has most of the same basic features as the Touring but also adds in a top-end 11 speaker Bose sound system, a navigation package, and satellite radio. It’s everything you’d want in the Touring but kicked up another notch.

At an MSRP of $29,200 (or $29,675), it’s a fairly big jump up from the Touring in price and a huge jump from the Sport. If upgraded sound and audio equipment are really important to you, though, this model of the Mazda 6 can be a great investment.

Mazda 6 Grand Touring Reserve

This is another big jump up in terms of price, with a few more features to show for the expenditure. You get everything you’d see in the Grand Touring, but with even more luxury items attached. This means true leather interior, a powered passenger seat, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, adaptive headlights, and even a heads-up display. This is an incredibly technologically advanced vehicle, and it shows in the price. 

The Grand Touring Reserve has an MSRP of $31,700, or $32,175 if you include the optional rear parking sensors. It’s not that much of a jump in price if you’re looking for a much more luxurious vehicle, but it’s about a third more than a basic Sport.

Mazda 6 Signature

If you want the Mazda 6’s most loaded iteration, what you’re looking for is the Signature. The Signature takes every feature you can get with Mazda 6 – yes, even the rear parking sensors – and makes them a standard part of the trim. In addition, you’ll get access to Nappa leather seats and a high-tech surround-view camera. It’s definitely the most luxurious and advanced version of the Mazda 6, but you’ll pay for it – it retails at $34,750.

Which Mazda 6 is right for you? It depends on how important luxury features are to you. The Touring and Grand Touring are both full of great features and are at a median price range, but some drivers might not want all of those features. Each package drives well, so your choice is really going to come down to the accessories.


Mazda in Puente Hills

What’s the Big Deal About Mazda in Puente Hills?

When it comes to capturing the zeitgeist, few automotive brands have managed to summon lightning in a bottle in the way Mazda has. Cultivating brand loyalty from all corners of the globe, this car company is unlike any other. Attend any car show, and chances are that you will see loyal followers of the brand gathering around its latest offerings. You may even make the acquaintance of some RX-7 owners, who are some of the most enthusiastic members of the Mazda tribe. Although the model hasn’t been in production for over a decade now, that hasn’t stopped its acolytes from showing love. In a world where people value quality over quantity, Mazda fans have come to rely upon this brand for its exceptional engineering and attention to aesthetics. They appreciate that Mazda moves with the times, continually giving them what they want. What else makes Mazda in Puente Hills so great?

Also, Mazda believes that great things can come in small packages—like the Mazda3 that boasts a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine. Cranking out an impressive 155 hp, this motor will get you where you need to go. And that’s just the base trim level; those who want a bigger engine can get it. Mazda is all about providing options that make its loyal clients happy. In today’s geopolitical climate, it’s nice to know that some things can stay the same—like the 37 miles per gallon that Mazda3 drivers can achieve on the highway. In the city, they can get around 28 mpg. Whether it’s to save money or to show love to the environment, Mazda drivers have increasingly demonstrated that they care about making their cars efficient.

But Mazda’s not just about being clean and efficient; it’s also about having a great time while you’re getting from Point A to Point B. After all, the brand known for “Zoom Zoom” isn’t going to be content with just making a car that functions well; it’s also going to need that curb appeal that brightens the day of every driver. The mystique of these cars can be seen whenever one happens to check out the website. When building your own Mazda to your exact specifications, you’ll be able to see how a lot of small details can truly change the game. With the average American spending over an hour a day commuting, these are things that make an impression. You want something that is ergonomically designed to support you while you’re on the way to work, vacation and everywhere in between.

Those who crave some cargo space can opt for the CX-9, and drivers who love the classic appeal of the Miata can get behind the wheel of the MX-5 version. For people who admire Mazdas, there is so much to love about the way in which the engineers have breathed life into these automobiles. From conception to execution, no detail has been spared. Rather than an assembly-line approach, this is a company that infuses artisanship in every step of the process. When drawing the lines of these vehicles, engineers were encouraged to unleash their imaginations; the stunning end result is certainly no accident.

Attention is paid to both the exteriors and the interiors of each Mazda, ensuring that the cars exude beauty from the inside out. The designers at Mazda realized long ago that a car can provide an oasis from the troubles of the day, allowing the driver to escape into something beautiful—if only for a few moments. Even the base model of the Mazda3 comes standard with some amazing amenities. From a rear view camera to a push-button start, six sensational speakers and more, there is nothing “basic” about it. For years, drivers have been lauding Mazda’s slick infotainment set-up, and this year is no exception. When it comes to Mazda, drivers have realized that they can depend on the company for consistent greatness.

Walking into z showroom is another exquisite experience. Drivers delight in the experience of seeing each car’s gleaming paint job while getting up close and person with the vehicles they have admired. The sales staff excels at showing each Mazda fan what it is about the new models that will appeal to their specific desires. In a world where most car companies only take into account the needs of the masses, Mazda aspires to something greater. Believing that there are a multitude of ways in which each car can be customized, this is a group that shuns the ordinary in favor of the extraordinary. Test driving a Mazda is an exquisite experience in itself, reminding drivers of what they love about getting behind the wheel. With the bold spirit of innovation flowing through the lines of each and every vehicle, Mazda reminds us that driving does indeed matter.

dishes of colorful ice cream

What is the best ice cream flavor?

Is there a better time of year to get ice cream than now? Think about how fun and wholesome it is to stop by a local ice cream parlor and eat some cold dairy treats on a bench outside. Have you been getting sick of the same old vanilla and chocolate ice cream? Well, no, how could you? But if you’ve been wanting to try some new flavors, we’re here to help. Check out some of our favorite ice cream flavors below and let us know what one sounds the best to you!  Read the rest of this entry >>

family at dealership talking to salesman

Should I buy a new or used Mazda?

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Do you imagine yourself driving down the highway with a brand new vehicle? While it might feel easy to allow yourself to be sucked into buying the flash of a new vehicle, you shouldn’t let this happen without thinking. Sure, new cars might make sense for a certain kind of person, but you should first check to see that you have considered every factor in the process. For example, one of the things that you may want to look at is mileage. How often do you drive your car? If you have to have it for an everyday commute, you might want one of the newer vehicles. Used cars will usually have some mileage on them. So let’s go over some things to help you decide if you should buy a new or used Mazda.

Used Cars: Lower Price

One of the biggest reasons that people choose to go with a used car is the lower price. You might have some mileage on the car, but it costs less. The lower the price, the more miles that the vehicle will have. In addition, the higher the mileage, the sooner that you will need to buy another vehicle, which is why some people choose to go with a newer vehicle. It lasts longer. Obviously, you will pay less for used cars, but you have to look at more than that. For example, you should pay attention to the overall cost of owning a used vehicle. Many times dealers will give you great financing options for a newer vehicle, and you can get a much lower interest rate on it.

What will the Insurance Cost?

Before you ever drive off the lot with a vehicle, you should first call up your insurance company to see what you will pay for the vehicle per month. You have to look at the cost of insurance as well because some people drive off the car lot and get completely blindsided by high insurance costs. Used vehicles will usually cost much less in insurance than what a newer vehicle will cost.

Fuel Economy

One of the factors to pay close attention to, buying a new vehicle might make sense if you’re looking to save over the long term on fuel costs. One of the advantages of the newer cars is how they improve fuel efficiency on a noteworthy level. The newer your car, the better the fuel efficiency will be on it. If you want to save money on gasoline, you might pick out a newer vehicle with high miles per gallon.

Resale Value

Used cars have the advantage of less depreciation than what a newer car has. The moment you drive a new car off the lot, it loses 11 percent of its value. In addition, your new vehicle will lose up to 30 percent of its value within the first year. Over the next few years, it will be worth around half the price that you originally paid for it. The advantage of buying a used car is how the original buyers take the biggest loss on depreciation because these cars depreciate less in value later in their lifetime. In this way, you don’t lose as much money once the time comes for resale.

Buying a Better Class of Vehicle

You might immediately think that a newer car will come with all kinds of features and fun technology. This is true. The newer cars will typically have much better technology in them. What they won’t have, however, is a lower price for these things. When you buy used, you can buy a much bigger and more luxurious vehicle than what you could with used.


Buying new will almost unquestionably have much better reliability than what you get with a used vehicle. If you’re going to buy used, you should first make sure that the dealer has a good reputation. Second, you may want to ask one of your car-savvy friends to come with you to look at the car. He can look at it to tell you if it will be any good. Used cars can also have good reliability, provided you maintain them correctly. Within the last 10 years, cars have had the ability to drive over 100,000 miles before they start to have maintenance problems.

Should you buy new or used? That depends on your circumstances. Newer vehicles will almost certainly have better safety features that will protect you and your family. The technology is the latest and greatest, and because of this, a lot of technology geeks like the newer vehicles. When you consider some of these different factors, you have a much higher chance of finding a vehicle that can fit with your individual lifestyle. Instead of making a rash decision that you might regret later, you should take your time and do research to find the best choice.