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Best Selling Mazda Cars of All Time

With an almost one hundred year history, Mazda has consistently produced some of the finest automobiles in the world. Known for easy handling, fuel efficiency, and great performance, the Mazda name is known around the world. Such a storied history demands to be celebrated and so today we present to you some of the best-selling Mazdas in global history. Read the rest of this entry >>

grille of red mazda cx-3

2019 Mazda CX-3 exterior design 

The latest and greatest edition of the Mazda CX-3 subcompact crossover is here for the 2019 model year. If you have been following the news, you know that the 2019 CX-3 comes with a revamped interior and brand-new luxury features. This sporty little crossover has been a hit for years with its high performance and efficiency, and now it has been given new elements on its exterior. Check out what we mean below.  Read the rest of this entry >>

choosing between a Mazda3 or Mazda6

Podcast Episode 2: Choosing Between a Mazda3 or Mazda6

Hi everyone, it’s Amy Riley, as I’m about to tell you, I am desperate for a new car. I’m here with my friend John, he is a blogger and a Mazda enthusiast, and I love Mazdas. I see them on the road and I think, “That is a gorgeous car, I want to drive one,” so I’m finally in the place in my life where I think I can take the plunge, get that new car, and so I thought, “Why just sit there and daydream about it in my head when I can make a podcast and talk to my good friend John about Mazdas.”
John 00:36
Amy 00:37
Right. John, how are you today?
John 00:40
I’m doing well Amy, how’s it going?
Amy 00:42
I am always good. Always good. So tell me, what is it about Mazda– I can tell you what draws me to Mazda. That’s like, it’s a nice looking car, it’s sharp, I only hear good things about it. But what drew you to Mazdas to begin with? How did your interest start?
John 01:04
Man, so my interest started I guess maybe five years back. And I think it really started with the Miata. I was– via my uncle actually, he was huge on cars. There was a ton of different roadsters out there. There was one from BMW that– it looked sharp, it was kind of nice. They had another nice one from Honda that was really, pretty sporty. It gained a lot of popularity in the young street racing world. It was even featured in some movies like Fast and Furious and stuff. And then, none of them were just– they couldn’t really match up to what Mazda was producing, because they were putting out this roadster called the Miata for years. And I really got to tell you, I feel like they perfected the roadster. I think to this day there’s not another roadster out there that can compete. And I don’t know if I’m being biased, but that’s what drew me to Mazda as a company, and I always see them getting better with every year.
Amy 02:15
Oh wow, well that’s quite the story. So I don’t think that I’m going to get a Miata this time.
John 02:22
Oh, what you going to get?
Amy 02:22
It may be on my radar for the future, but right now I’m thinking– I’m trying to decide is if the Mazda3 or the Mazda6 is the better vehicle for me. What do you think?
John 02:35
Okay, well both of them are pretty cool, I like them both. I think– have you looked at each trim? For the Mazda3 for example, it comes in the hatchback style or the sedan style. Did you already figure out which one you liked?
Amy 02:50
Probably, I’d go with the sedan.
John 02:52
Sedan? Okay.
Amy 02:53
John 02:53
Yeah, I can see you in a sedan. Alright [laughter]. A nice little blue one. Yeah, so the real cool things about Mazda– I don’t know if you’ve been inside one of the recent ones. The 2018 models, they have a real nice– what’s the word they’re using now– infotainment area. You have this little screen. I want to say it’s maybe I don’t know, five to seven inches in length, touchscreen, and it also has a little knob so you can just go to your selection whether you want to listen to your MP3s, the radio, CD player, even navigation. You can just choose what you want to look at. So that’s always a cool little tool. It’s right there in the– you know, right next to you where you’re steering wheel would be at– it’s to your right-hand side so you don’t have to look far away to see it. The color’s very bright, vivid colors, so that way you don’t have a hard time looking at it. I know I’m one of those drivers– man, I used to drive with one of those little Garmin navigations and I used to– I could never tell exactly what lane I was supposed to be in or if I’m on the right path. I had to look real close and that used to just throw me off. So you won’t have that problem here.
Amy 04:08
Good, good. All good.
John 04:10
It’s a 4-cylinder car, so if you’re going to be driving around– obviously gas is a problem nowadays, especially in the summer– everybody’s traveling and everybody’s worried about their gas. On this little 4-cylinder man, you’re going to be sitting good. You could be on that car for hundreds of miles and not have to worry about making another stop.
Amy 04:29
Okay, that sounds great. That sounds like a plus. You know, Mazda3, it’s good. It sounds good, but maybe I want to go just for that little bit more with the Mazda6. What do you think?
John 04:42
I like the Mazda6 actually. I think it’s– for one, it has a little more room. So if that’s something that you’re concerned about, obviously it’s a comfortable ride. And you can really feel– the thing is, with these Mazdas, is that when you step on that gas pedal you can really feel like you’re going. You don’t feel too much of a lag or anything. You will never feel like you don’t have enough power. We’re starting at– we’ll give you like 155 horses. That’s just the start. That’s the base model, is a 2.0 liter engine. So you’re going to feel like you could conquer any road. And a Mazda6, I’m going to tell you, I’m going to be honest man, you can hit the road in a Mazda6, you’re hitting the road in style. Comfort, we already talked about that. It’s just, I can’t see you going wrong with a Mazda6.
Amy 05:33
Okay. So you’re really not giving me a lot of guidance here [laughter].
John 05:40
Well what is that you’re really concerned about?
Amy 05:40
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Do you think that the Mazda3 or the Mazda6 is the right choice for me right now? Or do you think that maybe I want to try a small crossover like the CX-3?
John 06:00
Well, I mean– obviously that’s going to depend on what you prefer. If you’re comparing a Mazda3 to one of those crossovers, it’s not really fair–
Amy 06:16
A fair comparison?
John 06:17
Yeah. I mean, each of them are going to give you that, like I said, that infotainment area. You’re going to be able to do that Apple CarPlay, the Android auto capabilities are all there for each of those cars. One of the best things that I could tell you about each one– especially the Mazda3 though because they really stepped their game up– was safety. The Mazda3 was actually picked in 2018 as one of the top safety picks by the IIHS. So it scored good on every single crash test. I mean every single one. And in their front crash prevention, the technology there actually earned a rare score of superior. Not a lot of cars get superior ratings when it comes to head-on collision. So you know, safety is one of those things that Mazda wanted to keep on innovating. And so I think they really nailed it with this technology that they’ve been introducing as of late. So with you being my friend, being on the road, obviously I would care about your safety first. And I think if you’re in the right space to pick up a Mazda3, it looks sporty, it drives well, it’s comfortable. You won’t have to worry about gas. And safety is superior. Come on.
Amy 07:43
Yeah, I do think I’m leaning towards the Mazda3, maybe even before this conversation. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be missing out on anything by making a choice, so.
John 07:56
Yeah. I mean you’re going to look good regardless, man. Like–
Amy 07:59
It’s Mazda.
John 08:00
–the alloy wheels. I mean, you really can’t go wrong. I’m telling you this because it’s just the truth. Even if I didn’t know you, I couldn’t lie about this. This stuff is amazing, man. You’re probably going to be– you know they have different styles that we mentioned before. They have the hatchback, touring, hatchback, you’re more into the sedan so that’s great. You’ll probably be looking at maybe what, 22 for that car. And if that’s something that you can afford by all means, I’d get it.
Amy 08:39
So I’m going to head into– I’m thinking about going to Puente Hills Mazda. It seems like a good place. I kind of did my research, it had pretty good reviews and stuff. Before I go in and once I’m there, what do you think I should– what should my approach be?
John 08:56
Well I think you definitely want to make sure that you include all your expenses for this car. So definitely work out your payment, how much you can afford on the car payment itself. And also get a quote from insurance before you actually get the car, because a lot of people tend to overlook that. Let’s just say they’re going to be spending 250 on a car payment each month and they think, “Oh great, I’m good, I can afford that.” But then they don’t take into account “Oh I have to be paying another, whatever, 200 dollars a month on insurance that goes with it.” So you’re expecting this 250 a month payment, all the sudden you’re looking at 450. So definitely don’t forget about that. If it’s something that you might have to hold off on, then fine. But also, if you have a little bit of a down payment that you can kind of play with, then definitely. I think going in there having a back-up plan– I always like to tell people “Have a plan B and a plan C.” If that car is just not working for you, if you can’t get the payment right, I don’t think it’s worth stressing over every month, “Am I going to be able to make the car payment?” Obviously you’re going to have fun in this car. You’re going to be safe in this car. So you really want to take your time, make the right decision because it’s one of those investments that you’re on for the long haul. So if you could do that. Also, you can even check to see if you qualify for any type of rebates. You can just go onto the website, PHMazda.com, check out any specials on there, if they do have any specials coming up, any rebates. A lot of times they’ll have some– when it gets towards the end of the month. I’m sorry, the end of the year– they’ll have some specials there. So if you can hold off a little bit and wait until around December, maybe even early January, to pick up your new ride, then why not?
Amy 10:55
Seems like good, solid advice.
John 10:56
Amy 11:00
So what’s the last Mazda that you got?
John 11:04
[laughter] The Mazda 3 hatchback.
Amy 11:07
Yeah, right. Okay.
John 11:09
Yeah, I got a nice little grey one. I think it started with 184 horsepower. It’s a 2.5 liter engine, [4-cylinder]. I have a lot of fun driving it. I still have it. I did a lot of– maybe not a lot, but I did a few little modifications on it. Give it a little bit more horsepower. It looks good, I love driving it. It was my daily driver for a long time. And I really like to go over the Ortegas and everything. I like those windy roads. It’s fun, man. I’ll go to the beach with this thing and put the little sunroof down, and just have a blast.
Amy 11:55
Yeah, woo, Mazda. [laughter] Alright, well what do you think? Do you have any last words, tips, advice you want to share with us, John, about Mazda?
John 12:15
Oh yeah, yeah. You know what, I’m the type of guy, man, I like to keep up with the company as a whole, not just the particular car. So I would follow Mazda, I’d follow Puente Hills Mazda. Follow them on social media to find out where they’re headed. A lot of times they’ll give you a sneak peek on what’s coming in the near future, maybe the upcoming year. 2019 is almost here guys. I know that kind of sucks to hear but almost here. A lot of people dread that but car enthusiasts, we kind of look forward to it because we’re anxious to see what’s coming down the pipe. Mazda, they went from– Mazda used to be one of those cars that maybe your grandmother owned, a 626 or something like that. And then you just see the transition where a lot of millennials are starting to get into the cars. And there’s a reason for that. It’s a smart buy. It really is. It’s really one of those things you cannot go wrong, you will not go wrong. So follow them on social media. You’ll start to see some articles, they’ll always point you in the right direction. And my personal experience with Puente Hills Mazda especially, they’ve been there. I’ve actually tweeted them just a question and they got back to me pretty quickly. And it actually made me come in there. Their service department is great. You could do pretty much anything that you need– service on your car– you could do it right there. So definitely follow them on social media, keep up with whatever they’re doing on the news, read their blogs. Their blogs have a lot of good information in them too. Yeah, I’d say just do that, you’ll be good to go.
Amy 14:05
Alright, sounds good.
John 14:08
Yeah I can’t wait until you get your car.
Amy 14:10
Me neither. I’m ready to take it for a drive and you know, show it off. I think that’s the whole point [laughter].
John 14:19
Alright, well good luck. If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know.
Amy 14:22
Yeah. Maybe I’ll ask you to come with me to get the car, John!
John 14:28
[laughter] Yeah, you’re going to be there for a while. I might do some test driving myself.
Amy 14:32
You should. Alright well thanks so much.
John 14:33
Alright. Mm-hmm. Bye.

stick shift inside mazda miata

What Mazda models come available with a manual transmission? 

Certain types of car drivers swear by manual transmissions. If it doesn’t have a stick shift, they don’t want to drive it. If that defines you, you might be wondering what Mazda models come with a manual tranny. The Mazda3 (sedan and hatchback), Mazda6, and Mazda MX-5 Miata all come with the option of having a SKYACTIV®-Drive automatic or a SKYACTIV®-MT manual transmission. The CX models only come available with SKYACTIV®-Drive automatic transmissions. Is there an advantage to having a manual transmission? Continue reading to find out.  Read the rest of this entry >>

woman holding keys smiling next to man

Things to remember when trading in your car 

If you haven’t traded in a car before, you probably will at some point. If your current vehicle is in decent shape, you should be able to get at least a few thousand bucks knocked off of your next automotive purchase by trading it in. Basically, how it works is you give the dealership your old car when you buy a new one. If the dealer values your car at $8,000, for example, you will get that money taken off your new purchase. Check out some tips to follow next time you trade in a vehicle.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Mazda MX 5 in cherry red

Mazda MX 5: Everyone’s Favorite Little Roadster

It’s no secret the Mazda MX 5 is everyone’s favorite little roadster. That’s why it’s one of the best-driving cars in the world. It’s the driving, engaging experience you want in a car that won’t break your bank account or put you in fear of losing your driver’s license.

So what’s new and great about the 2018 Mazda MX 5? Well for one, it’s definitely the best looking Miata. While a whole lot hasn’t changed – why should it, the car is already pretty sexy – these minor updates make a huge impact.

Let’s start with the base package. Mazda has kindly graced all its MX 5 drivers with the MAZDA CONNECT™ Infotainment System with a 7-inch color touchscreen display, multi-function Commander, and HD Radio connectivity. Last year, only the higher trims offered this. Now, technology is standard. Also, come standard are heated seats. Even in Southern California, all drivers can benefit from heated seat when you have the wind from a top-down experience blowing on you.

Yes, Upgrade My MX 5, Please!

The club model has the New Brembo/BBS Recaro Package. Substitutes the heated black leather-trimmed seats for the heated RECARO sports seat, or not. Both options are additions for the original package which includes the Brembo brakes and BBS wheels. Should you choose the Grand Touring trim, for a little over couple grand more, you will drive with the amazing sounds of the Bose® 9-speaker audio system with AudioPilot®, driver and passenger headrest speakers, and subwoofer. This package also comes with Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Choice a model equipped with the six-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission and it will feature Bilstein shocks, a limited-slip differential, and a shock tower brace.

Red on Red on Red!

Red seems to be the clear favorite for Mazda this year as it releases three new features with envious eye-catching red hues. Beginning with the exciting new color top. Thanks to our friends across the pond for an overwhelmingly positive reception, Mazda has brought over the cherry color top option to America. You can pick any of the finest premium exterior paint colors, then add that cherry on top soft-top. Adding to the array of reds features, Mazda adds onto the Grand Touring trim the richness of Auburn Nappa leather seating. The immediate tactical experience calls out to the sporty, yet sophisticated drivers. In the final red feature, the Soul Red Crystal Metallic is a new addition to the exterior paint palette.

More new features!

Along with the Soul Red Crystal Metallic, the Mazda MX 5 offer Eternal Blue Mica and Snowflake White Pearl Mica. Last joining the color palette is the Machine Gray Metallic, which was previously only available on MX-5 RF retractable fastback models.

Mazda has made some changes that you won’t see, but you will definitely feel. The Mazda MX 5 has a re-tuned soft-top rear suspension and power steering to provide an even more confident drive. You point the steering wheel and the car goes – without any lag. There is a sound-absorbing headliner in the roof to absorb unwanted noise during your drive.

Under the Hood

Pop the hood to find Mazda MX 5 comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that has 155 horsepower and 148 pounds-feet of torque. Sticking to its mission to give the driver the best driving experience, the 2018 MX is 148 pounds lighter than the previous generation. The MX 5 includes Mazda’s SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY and KODO tradition of “Soul of Motion”. If you are wondering if the new RF model will change the driving experience, wonder no more. The Mazda MX 5 has an even 50/50 weight distribution. Six-speed automatics are available. Now for the best driving experience, get the manual transmissions. Nobody makes manuals like Mazda does. Fuel economy figures match the soft-top: 26/33/29 mpg city/highway/combined with the manual and 26/35/29 mpg for the automatic.

RF or Soft-Top

Both are great options. The preference is subjected to the driver. If you want the full convertible experience, then opt for the soft-top option. When the top is down, you have no back to the car. However, if you don’t want a lot of wind in your hair, then select the RF option. In regards to removing the roof-top, the soft-top option wills only a few seconds for manual retraction. One click to unlatch from the front, push the top behind you, then click it on the secure latch. On the other hand, the hardtop electronic retraction takes 13 seconds. The length of the time is nothing compared to how beautiful it looks while retracting. The intelligent design creates an almost dance-like move of two parts. The back lifts itself, then moves a step back, allowing for the roof to insert itself into its hiding place. Then the back moves forward to resume its proper position. The hardtop can only be activated at the speed of 6 MPH or less. The intention is to avoid the possibility of the driver’s hair getting caught, during activation. Due to its extra machinery, the hardtop weight 113 pounds more, unfortunately making it .5 seconds slower. But don’t fret, you won’t feel it on the road. And if money is the defining factor, then select the soft-top version. The RF starts off about $3000 more.

There is a reason that the Miata has touched the homes of millions of people around the world. Its sporty intelligent design is noticeable in the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Mazda doesn’t just create great cars, it creates the best driving experience. Come and experience the best-selling roadster, today.

Mazda6 with tinted windows

10 Benefits of Tinting Car Windows

While it seems that tinting your car windows might only be cosmetically appealing, it actually merits other benefits worth considering. Tinting your car window comes with many benefits that are conducive to your health, safety, and the appearance of your car. More so, there are also functional and cost-effective benefits of tinting car windows, too.

Be sure to research the tinting laws in your state and local jurisdiction. Some forms of tinting are illegal. While fix-it tickets aren’t expensive, they are a pain to take care of.
Here are 10 benefits of tinting your car’s windows.

Health Benefits

Driving can expose a great deal of sunlight leaving you vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays. While it is only a small part of sunlight, long exposures of UV rays can have harmful effects to your health. Regular windows allow for 100% of the sun to penetrate into the car and professionally installed tinted windows can protect up to 99% of UV rays.

1. Your Skin Will Hurt
The most dangerous effects of UV rays can cause skin cancer and premature aging on your skin. Sitting directly under the sun while driving can be very harmful. Tinting your windows can help you prolong or even avoid these diseases.

2. Worse for women
Women may acquire autoimmune diseases due to UV ray exposure. According to a National Institute of Health, women respond differently to UV rays and may acquire harmful diseases, such as dermatomyositis, when exposed to it for long periods at a time. But just because its more common in women doesn’t mean the UV rays won’t affect men.

3. Help your eyes
Your eyes will reap the benefit of tinting your car windows. Think about the difference between wearing sunglasses, versus not wearing a pair, on a hot sunny day. With sunglasses your eyes are more relaxed, you probably won’t have to squint or strain your eyes to see clearer.

4. Reduced glare from sunlight and headlights
Speaking of seeing clearer, tinting your car windows will help deflect bright lights and glare from the sun. Even the lightest color tint can reduce the vibrate lights coming from your surroundings.

Safety Benefits

If the health benefits haven’t sold you, perhaps the safety benefits will.

5. Privacy
The obvious benefit is the privacy that tinted car windows provide. It shields outsiders from being able to see directly into the vehicle, therefore, can help protect your precious belongings while you are not around.

6. Keep the Interior Cool
The interior of your vehicle can reach up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot summer day. This can cause hazards’ such as second-degree burns for you and your passengers. If you are a parent of a car seat aged child, then you have probably experienced the painful process of putting a child in a hot car. The plastic and metal parts of the car seat can hurt your child if you are not careful. Tinting your window car decrease the temperature of the interior significantly.

7. Save Glass from Shattering
A tint is a film layered over a glass window. In an accident, the tint’s adhesive film can act as a glue that keeps the glass from shattering all over the place. This is definitely not the case for non-tinted windows.

8. Save Energy and Gas
There is an economic advantage with tinted windows. Simply put, when your car is cooler it will take less energy to cool the car, for that reason, you will utilize less fuel. This can reduce up to 60% of fuel cost.

Appearance and Value Benefits

Most people take a lot of pride in their investment and a car isn’t an exception. When tinted windows are installed correctly, the benefits it can actually maintain the value of the vehicle or even raise it.

9. The Sex Appeal
Yes, the appearance does matter. There is a romantic appeal to a tinted car. The mysterious and ambiguous vibe gravitates people towards it. Don’t believe me? Google two pictures of the same exact car, one tinted and one without, then tell me which one looks better.

10. Increased Interior Protection
Tinting your windows helps protect the interior. The high levels of heat can ruin the integrity of the interior prematurely. This can cause cracks in the leather seats and fade in the upholstery.

Don’t skimp on the professionals you hire. A poorly done tint job will leave your car looking very ugly. It will also decrease the value. Read reviews and ask around for professionals. The type of tint also matters. Be sure to pay for quality tint, now you know tinting is worth it.


2018 CX-3: A Perfect Subcompact Crossover

The 2018 Mazda CX-3 is just the perfect little subcompact crossover for the Mazda lineup as it comes with its own impressive credentials. The NHTSA gave it a five-star overall safety score. IIHS awarded the CX-3 a Top Safety Pick and rating. KBB.com’s expert rating lands it at 8.6/10 while the KBB.com consumer rating gave it a higher score of 9.4/10. Past awards include U.S. News & world report “2017 Best Car Brand” and EPA report raves that “it’s the most fuel-efficient auto manufacturer in the U.S.”
And, why wouldn’t it get great reviews? The 2018 Mazda CX-3 excels in driving dynamics, safety, and fuel efficiency.

Say More!
Handling is one of CX-3’s biggest strengths, offering great steering feel and a buttoned-down chassis that makes it right at home on windy roads and razor-sharp turns. This popular subcompact has agile handling and obedient turn-ins giving exemplary riding and handling characteristics. But, that’s not surprising because that’s just the Mazda sporty engineering.

Zoom Power

All 2018 CX-3s are powered by a 2.0-liter engine with 146 hp and 146 lb-ft of torque paired exclusively to a six-speed automatic transmission. Its EPA fuel economy ratings are 29 mpg in the city and 34 mpg in the highway for front-drive models, and 27 mpg in the city with 32 mpg on the highway with all-wheel drive. However, choosing the all-wheel drive gets you a smaller 11.9-gallon tank instead of the larger 12.7-gallon one found in front-drive CX-3s

New for 2018

Again following the trend of other 2018 Mazda’s, the CX-3 includes low-speed automatic emergency braking and G-Vectoring Control system that comes standard on all trims. Cool new tech options include a full-color head-up display, power driver’s seat with memory settings, and a heated steering wheel. Mazda tweaked the steering and chassis to improve the CX-3’s ride comfort, handling, and quietness. And a new exterior color, Machine Grey Metallic, has also been added.

Interior Space

The interior continues to look upscale with its sleek subcompact design. Nothing looks sportier than a light tan interior with the black and red accent. The CX-3 has the Mazda’s weight-saving ‘SKYACTIV’ engineering template and its working wonders with streamlining its build processes and gilt-edging. The dynamics and ergonomics are spot on.

Let’s Break it Down

Standard equipment on the base CX-3 Sport trim includes cloth upholstery, two USB ports, a rearview camera, the MazdaConnect infotainment system with a 7.0-inch touchscreen, low-speed automatic emergency braking and 16-inch alloy wheels. Forward-collision warning with city-speed automatic emergency braking is also standard for 2018. The Sport trim starts at $20,110 Base MSRP range.

Look up at the mid-level CX-3 Touring trim and it comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, leatherette upholstery with suede inserts, blind spot warning, keyless entry/start, heated front seats, automatic climate control, rear cross-traffic alert, and auto on/off headlights. The Touring Preferred Equipment package and that adds a Bose premium audio system, a sunroof, satellite radio and a cargo cover.

The range-topping CX-3 Grand Touring trim adds the top of the line features such as leather upholstery with suede inserts, adaptive LED headlights, LED fog lights, navigation, a head-up display, a Bose premium audio system, and paddle shifters as standard. pay a little more and opt for power-adjustable front seats and a heated steering wheel, as part of the Grand Touring Preferred Equipment package, which also comes with active safety and driver assistance features.


Did I mention the NHTSA gave the 2018 CX-3 a five (out of five) star overall safety score? It’s probably because all 2018 CX-9 models feature standard smart city brake support, a technology that can automatically apply the brakes in certain situations below 19 mph. That combined with blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert also attribute to why the CX-3 has excellent safety ratings. Additionally, the i-ACTIVSENSE® suite including high beam control, hill launch assist lane-keep assist, lane departure warning, Mazda radar cruise control with new stop and go function, smart brake support, distance recognition support system and forward obstruction warning, the adaptive front-lighting system, and high beam control.

The 2018 Mazda CX-3 was created for those adventure seeking drivers that want more out of their driving experience. You will explore more freely and with peace knowing how it handles the windy roads and sharp turns. For a vehicle that starts at about $20,000, you get a whole lot of zoom. It’s definitely worth test driving.


2018 Mazda CX-9 – Redefining the Family Car

When you are part of an impressive list that includes “The finalist for the 2017 Utility Vehicle of the Year”, “2017 finalist for World Car of the Year”, “2017 Finalist for the World Car Design of the year”, “KBB Brand Image award” and now the “2018 10Best Award”, it’s no wonder the 2018 Mazda CX-9 is the flagship of the Mazda lineup.

Mazda knows that small vehicles no longer fit the family standard so they created a sporty family crossover that won’t compromise the driver and passenger experience. That’s why for twelve years the Mazda CX-9 has continued to go beyond expectations of what an SUV should be while redefining the “family car”. But don’t take our word for it, automotive experts will tell you how incredible the Mazda CX-9 is, just look at the list we belong to.

Starting at $32,200, The Mazda CX-9 is a three-row, seven-seat passenger crossover SUV. But you wouldn’t know it when you’re in it. The standard Mazda signature SKYACTIV® technology will give you the performance power that no other family car offers. Feel exactly what the front wheels are doing with the communicative steering wheel. The sleek, stylish body will not only turn heads, as you smoothly turn the corner, but it also has functional features that you want to keep your family safe.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

Mazda’s signature SKYACTIV® technology is created to give the driver a sporty experience with impeccable performance, without compromising on fuel. Drive like a pro with the SKYACTIV®-G 2.5T 4-cylinder engine with Dynamic Pressure Turbo and a SKYACTIV®-Drive 6-speed automatic transmission. With an EPA-estimated mileage of 22 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway, the power of this vehicle won’t break your bank account. Experience the power of the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G-Vectoring Control for more steering control. You will forget you’re even driving an SUV.

Judge Us by Our Cover

The beautifully designed exterior is bold and confident setting itself apart from its competitors. Mazda’s includes its signature five-point grill and chrome accents throughout the vehicle giving it the upscale and sophisticated appeal it deserves. The elongated hood and tapered roof adds to the luxury look. The black front, side and rear lower body moldings adds to the sporty Mazda moves. This year Mazda adds the artistic Soul Red Crystal to its color pallet giving this crossover another eye-catching feature.

Superior Interior

The driver experience begins as you enter the cabin. The Mazda CX 9 has bells and whistles for your safety and driving pleasure. The Active Driving display is directly on your windshield so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road. This high-tech display gives the speed, the current speed limit, shows cars in your blind spots, and warns you when you’re driving off your lane. But if you do happen to look down you will see another high-tech LCD display directly on the control panel. Mazda’s continues its commitment to the driver’s experience with The MAZDA CONNECT™ infotainment system that has a full-color touchscreen display and intuitive Commander control. Being informed and entertained is effortless. The soft touch dashboard and side panel doors, aluminum finishes, and the optional Supple Nappa Leather upholstery in the signature trim are just a few features that will bring you a multi-sensory driving experience.
Catering to families seating for seven, take the CX-9 across the country thanks to the all-weather capabilities from its optional predictive i-ACTIV AWD® to monitor the weather, braking patterns, and throttle input. Your second-row passengers will sit comfortably with the capability to move forward, backwards, or reverse adjustments to relax and recline. They will also appreciate the additional two USB ports stored in the center compartment.

The 2018 Difference

The CX-9 lineup has new safety features that come standard such as the blind-spot monitoring, smart city brake support, and rear cross-traffic alert. To help improve cornering stability, Mazda added the G-Vectoring Control, which also comes standard. The Sports package for the sports trim comes with automatic high-beams, lane-keeping assist, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and adaptive cruise control. Also included in this package are heated front seats with power adjustment for the driver. The mid-level Touring trim comes with includes a tilt function for the driver’s seat and height and lumbar support adjustments for the front passenger. The Grand Touring models now come with heated second-row seats and a heated steering wheel.

Don’t Compromise

The Mazda CX 9 earns its highly revered status from its beauty and sophisticated driving engineering. Its technology based, driver focused features provide a driving experience like none it its class. So, if you are in the market for a seven seater, family car crossover but don’t want to compromise on performance, fuel efficiency or style then come and test drive the 2018 Mazda CX 9 and see why people that drive it are saying zoom, zoom, zoom.

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