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Tips to Buy a Mazda on Black Friday

Black Friday is a great day for deals. Car shopping is no different. When you’re looking to buy a Mazda, it can be beneficial to go the day after Thanksgiving. However, there are some tips to follow to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal.

Know When the Dealers are Struggling

During the summer months, new model cars come out. This means that dealerships are getting all of the business that they need. In the fall, they start to struggle. This is good news for you when you are looking for deals. Dealerships are more likely to lower their prices in order to make a sale in the month of November, so you can save big when you buy a Mazda at this time.

Early November is when you will see a lot of dealerships begin advertising. You may see advertisements delivered in your mailbox and, also, a lot more commercials on TV. The dealers are struggling, and they are ready to make it worth your while to purchase a new car.

Explore the Incentives (and Why)

Many dealerships are going to provide incentives to get you to buy. It’s important to know what these incentives are and how they are going to help you. Ultimately, all of these are ways to get money off of the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price).

Often, you aren’t going to get an incentive simply for walking into the dealership and buy a Mazda of your choice. Instead, it may be on vehicles that they cannot move off of the dealership. If they have been in inventory for too long, you may see more incentives. This includes some of the 2018 model year vehicles because, now, people are buying the 2019 ones.

Specific models may have more incentives than others. For example, SUVs are in high demand. This means that you may be more likely to see incentives on mid-size sedans.

If you are open to various models, it can lead to better deals for you.

Read the Fine Print on Ads

There is always going to be fine print on the advertisements that you see. Some of the deals may apply specifically to one trim level or another. They may also limit the incentives to the vehicles that are on their lot. What this means is that if you want a red CX-5, for example, and they don’t have one on the lot, you’re probably not going to get the deal you were hoping for.

There are likely going to be giveaways at the dealership. This could be a free tablet, a flat screen TV, or even a gift card. While these can certainly sweeten the deal, you aren’t getting them for free. Ultimately, you are going to pay for them in one way or another.

Be sure to read through the fine print to determine how you are going to get these things. You may have to purchase a specific vehicle or finance to specific terms. You certainly don’t want to go in demanding a particular giveaway only to find out that you’re not eligible. The fine print will be found on all of the advertisements, so read over everything carefully.

Prepare Yourself for Crowds

Particularly when you decide to go car shopping on Black Friday, get ready for some crowds. Just as you want to get the best deal, so does everyone else. The more you can do ahead of time, the better. Be prepared to spend more time at the dealership than normal simply because the staff will only be able to serve a certain number of people at a time.

It’s always a good idea to test drive a vehicle before you buy it. Since there are likely going to be crowds at the dealership, consider going in a few days before Friday so that you can take the vehicle of your choosing out on the road. Otherwise, you may have to wait behind several people who are going to take the same vehicle out.

Do Your Homework

It’s a good idea to do some homework ahead of time. This includes looking at the various deals that are available prior to Black Friday. You may want to request a quote from the dealership a week or two before you go.

You can also visit the dealership website in order to explore the inventory. Often, this is updated regularly so that you can see what models and model years are available. If you don’t see the vehicle that you want to get, it may be advantageous to drive to another dealership so that you can get what you want.

Sort Out Financing

You should plan on making it as easy as possible to get in and out on Friday. Many dealerships will offer pre-approval on their websites. This will save you a step at the dealership. You may also want to take a good look at your budget to decide how much you can afford so that it’s easier to know whether you can afford the deal that is being offered to you.

Ultimately, it comes down to doing research before you get to the dealership. All sorts of websites can be used, including the website of the dealership you are thinking of going to. Once you get to the dealer, identify the vehicle you are interested in, and ask for the best price immediately.

Drive into savings in Autumn

Why Autumn Is a Great Time to Buy Your Mazda?

As cooler temperatures approach, you may be reaching for your wallet to put a down payment on a new Mazda. After all, when the car dealerships start advertising their annual sales in December, many customers feel this is the only clue you need about when to buy a car. Nonetheless, seasoned customers often find the best time of year for car buying is usually in the fall. In fact, there are many reasons a new car owner might consider getting their next Mazda in autumn as opposed to other times of the year.

End-of-Year Sales Are Not Always a Bargain

Have you ever noticed that the bargain bin at a retail store often contains a bunch of oddball colors? Worse, the item has packaging that looks like a tiger used it as a toy. Unfortunately, car sales in December may have more than a few idiosyncrasies, and the discount does not always make up for the differences. Worse, instead of having other options to choose from on the car lot, you might only be stuck with the vehicles that never made the grade. This can be particularly frustrating if your current vehicle has a lease that expires in the near future, and you need a new car immediately.

Why Some Cars Do Not Make the Grade

There are many superficial reasons a car might get overlooked, and one is the color. For instance, if the dealership is in a rural area, white vehicles might be too difficult to keep clean on country roads. Another reason a car might be overlooked is due to the initial asking price. If the car did not seem to hold a substantial value for the price, that model will get passed over until the price is reduced at the end of the year. Lack of value can also be applied to cars that do not get good gas mileage compared to other models.

Why Fall Car Inventory Sales Are a Better Deal

If you are only looking for a new vehicle that has great mileage and do not care about any other criteria, you can usually choose from three vehicles to find perfection. However, most people will want to have a few options, and this makes waiting until the end of December a bad choice. Alternatively, fall car sales in October and November tend to have deep discounts on current-year models. This means your options for a new Mazda will still have a few upgrades available if you do not wait until December.

Where Did All the Sales Go?

In some cases, there will be a drought of car sales for the whole year. Unfortunately, this is often nationwide, and is associated with car makers deciding not to model upgrades each year. For instance, if a particular model sells well and performs well, the manufacturers may release another round of the same model without making upgrades, but for a different year. This means that the 2018 and 2019 models may be similar in almost every way, and manufacturers do not feel an urgency to encourage car dealerships to clear out all of the old-year cars. As a consumer, the consequence is not finding the discounted auto sales you were looking for.

How Some Deep Discounts Are to the Buyer’s Advantage

While some carmakers perfect their vehicles to the point there is very little need for a year-end sale, others create deep discounts to move the cars as quickly as possible. This is especially true if parts had to be replaced due to faulty originals. Of course, this is great for anyone that wants a new car at a fraction of the original price. Regardless, the selection of deeply discounted Mazda cars will always be better before December.

Need More Options? Try New Releases

If you start looking for a new Mazda in October, but still do not find the options you want in December, do not despair. This implies you are not going to be satisfied with car buying in the fall, but are instead happier with new releases. Buying when new releases hit the car lots is the best way to get all of your options like trim, color or video viewing. Nevertheless, if you want cars that have been reviewed by other drivers, your best time to buy will be right before the fall months.

Still Not Sure You Have the Right Car?

If you have explored all of your options, but did not immediately find a car that checks off every box on the list, you do not need to keep driving your old clunker. Often referred to as the world’s longest test-drive, leasing a car is often a better solution when you are still feeling indecisive about buying a model on-the-spot. Leasing takes some of the pressure off buying the car outright, and gives you a chance to drive the car anywhere you want to really test the model. If you find leasing the vehicles satisfies all of your needs, you can easily move forward with turning the lease into a buy.

Mazda Miata Roadtrip

Best Day Trips to Take in Your Mazda Miata

With a fun, zippy car like the Mazda Miata, you’d be missing out to not take a road trip! And in fact, you can line up a day trip any time you want, knowing that the nimble and powerful Miata can get you where you need to go. If you’re in Southern California, there are many great places to go and sights to see. If you’re looking to take your convertible out on an adventure, here are some ideas for a day trip to make the most of your adventures.


With its clearly Danish influences, Solvang has earned the nickname of the “Denmark of California.” This quaint town, which is filled with bakeries, restaurants, and small shops, is an enchanting place that certainly feels like a European adventure. There are plenty of museums and art galleries to explore, and you have a choice of nearly 20 inns if you choose to spend the night. There are also several notable events in Solvang, including the “Danish Days” festival in September, that you might want to incorporate into your planning.

Temecula Valley

Temecula Valley, which is easily accessible from Los Angeles for a day trip, has a variety of activities to keep you entertained. Throughout the valley, you’ll be able to tour an impressive 40 wineries. If you want to see them all, this is where your swift Miata comes in handy! Within Temecula Valley you’ll find the town of Temecula, which has a quaint museum and charming places to eat. Hot air balloon rides, golfing, and gambling are other opportunities that you’ll find in the Valley.


Although it’s only about 90 minutes away, Ojai has a noticeably much more relaxed pace of life than Los Angeles. This quaint place features boutique shops, art galleries, and museums. Several coffee shops serve delicious brews and breakfast to get your morning started. If you’re more adventurous, you can take advantage of the nearby Los Padres National Forest, which has nice trails for walking and bicycling. Here you’ll find the opportunity to rent bicycles or go horseback riding. At the end of the day, you can head over to the spa located in the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for a little R&R. There are a number of wineries in the region too, making it easy to stop in for a taste at one or many tasting rooms.

Laguna Beach

If surf, sun, and sand are your main priorities, a trip to Laguna Beach is essential. Known for its dog-friendly beaches, Laguna Beach is the place to go if you want your furry friend to come along. There are about seven miles of shoreline at this sandy beach, giving everyone a chance to spread out and relax. At the Main Beach you’ll find a boardwalk and easy access to Heisler Park, which is a prime spot for sunbathing. For a chance to surf, don’t miss a visit to Beach Park. Along with year-round activities, there are a number of summertime events that are worth checking out too.

Santa Barbara

With its posh shops, palm trees, and outdoor shopping centers, Santa Barbara is a great place to go if you want to shop and pamper yourself. Boutique stores and quaint eateries are also some of the attractions you’ll find in Santa Barbara. As you walk or drive your Mazda Miata around the area, be on the lookout for red-tiled roofs, which are one of the town’s signature architectural styles. Driving around, you can take the scenic route up the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy a stop at the pristine unspoiled beaches in the surrounding area. There are many hotels and inns in the vicinity, so you can easily stay for the night if you choose to do so. If you have a green thumb, or you just enjoy looking at plants and flowers, you’ll be happy to hear that Santa Barbara is also known for its lush and colorful gardens.

Big Bear Lake

Another fun place where you can go for the day in your Mazda Miata is Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake is situated in the San Bernadino Mountains, at an elevation of about 7,000 feet. The lake gets snow in the wintertime, which makes it a prime destination in all seasons. The adventure enthusiast will certainly enjoy the lake, which features adrenaline-pumping rope swinging and hipline tours. In warmer weather, you can see the lake in person by renting kayaks or jet skis. You can also take a guided boat tour of the lake. At the end of an adventure-filled day, you can spend some time in the Village, which is a scenic small town with shops, restaurants, and entertainment such as bowling.

With a car as fun as the Miata, there’s no reason not to get out and explore. The Miata can easily power you through a multi-winery tour in Temecula Valley, or it can take you in style through the streets of Santa Barbara. There are many great places to visit in Southern California, which means that it’s ultimately up to you to pick a direction and go.

Mazda logo

Who Is The Mazda Design Chief, Ikuo Maeda?

If you are a Mazda enthusiast, you are excited about the latest design visions from Design Chief Ikuo Maeda. Considered a visionary within the automotive industry, he is full of the passion and energy needed to move Mazda to the top of the automotive world. Currently dedicating much of his time to continued development of the RX-8 as well as the highly-anticipated concept car Mazda Kai, he leaves little doubt Mazda enthusiasts like yourself have plenty to look forward to behind the wheel.

The Need for Speed

With a nickname of “Speedy” and having a reputation for feeling the need for speed on the road now and then, Maeda is a guy you can relate to on many levels. Not afraid to admit he has received the occasional speeding ticket, he gives Mazda a fresh and unique perspective on many fronts. With his father having been a Mazda designer who is credited with having developed the company’s signature RX-7 sports car, Ikuo not only wants to continue the work started by his father, but take Mazda’s design concepts to new and exciting heights.

A Career Mazda Man

Having joined Mazda in 1982 when he was only 23, Ikuo has the experience and knowledge to know just how much Mazda has changed over the years. Especially proud of how his father was in charge of the RX-7 and he in charge of the RX-8, Ikuo is preparing to give Mazda buyers like yourself vehicles you never could have imagined. And judging from its prior history, you’ve got plenty to be excited about. When it comes to awards, Mazda has earned its share, including:
–2016 Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year (RX Coupe)
–2017 Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year (Vision Coupe)
–2016 World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year (MX-5)
Despite the fact that Mazda currently has a less than two percent share of the U.S. auto market, Ikuo believes it is poised to go as high as 10 percent or more, as it currently is in Australia. According to Maeda, this is due to such reasons as:
–Mazda vehicles appeal to both men and women
–Vehicles have unique handling and technology
–Enjoy a sporty brand image worldwide
–Competitive pricing and fuel economy
By being able to redefine its brand time after time over the years, Mazda makes sure you’ve always got something new and exciting to look forward to each new model year.

Single Motion Design

Always known for innovation, Ikuo Maeda and Mazda have pushed the limits with their latest creation, the Mazda Kai concept car. Unveiled for U.S. buyers at the New York Auto Show in March 2018, it demonstrates to drivers how Mazda is embracing the design model known as Single Motion. Unlike Double Motion styling which has been evident on numerous Mazda models such as the Mazda-6 and CX-5 and has emphasized strong, accented edges in a free-flowing form, Single Motion aims to eliminate edges. Instead, it will focus intensely on light and shadows, which leads to reflections on smooth surfaces that are always changing. Considered a very futuristic look, Ikuo believes this will result in a fresh, futuristic look for all Mazda vehicles, and will in essence reestablish the company’s brand identity to a whole new generation of buyers like yourself.

Skyactiv Over Electrification

In another interesting development that has many of today’s drivers very excited, Mazda has chosen to continue its pursuit of more efficient combustion engine technology, rather than jump on the electric car bandwagon like many other auto manufacturers. If you’re wondering just what encompasses Skyactiv technology, the major components of it include:
–Reinforced lightweight engines and transmissions
–Cleaner and more efficient emissions
–Chassis and suspension systems providing better fuel economy
This technology, which will improve vehicle performance while helping the company create stunning cars that further exemplify the Mazda brand identity, is one of the cornerstones Ikuo believes will prove Mazda is an innovator within the automotive industry, and will continue in that capacity for the foreseeable future.

A Fun Experience

If you are like most drivers of today’s vehicles, you want your experience behind the wheel to be fun, exciting, and filled with the latest technology. Fortunately, if you are a lover of Mazda vehicles, Ikuo Maeda shares your vision and passion. Whether it’s the RX-8 or the Mazda Kai, there’s no doubt big changes are in store for those of you who slip behind the wheel of a Mazda for a trip down the open road. As the new guardian of Mazda’s famed “zoom-zoom” reputation, Maeda is a car buyers’s dream when it comes to auto executives. As a car lover first and foremost, he is determined you will have fun behind the wheel, no matter which Mazda you may be driving.

Navajo red

Top 5 Mazda Models That Failed

Mazda is a great company. But there have been times when this vehicle company has gotten it wrong. These cars tried to copy other successful vehicles on the market and failed. Mazda should’ve stuck to what it knew best. Making luxury for less.

Creativity and a lack of focus are what made some of the following vehicles the worst designs. Other times, the company had big dreams and wanted to increase sales with basic cars that bored car enthusiasts. While they’re not all bad when it comes to driveability, they sure couldn’t stack up to what was already out there.

As stated before, it’s not entirely Mazda’s fault. The reason why drivers didn’t get the right vehicle was that they paid too much for a new car that didn’t retain its value over time. Other mistakes drivers have made include:
Making an uninformed decision.
Not conducting enough research beforehand.
Not opting for an extended warranty.
Not reading the fine print when they signed the contract.

2015 Mazda X-5

This Mazda has one of the worst ratings on the internet. This SUV comes packed with a list of the worst features such as its acceleration, navigation, fuel economy, quality of materials, and resale value. The Mazda X-5 has a low resale value because of all of the problems associated with it. Some vehicle enthusiasts claim that it’s a lemon. Ouch.

The warranty isn’t one of the best as it has very little dealership support. Mazda only honors the warranty if its mileage dropped to 12,000. It comes with a list of problems such as leaving drivers stranded and the gearbox failing multiple times. However, it’s a reasonably priced SUV even if you put a lot of money back into it.

1991 Mazda Navajo

Naming this vehicle after a Native American tribe was a bad idea all on its own. Mazda really wanted to copy the Ford Explorer. They decided to come up with their own version, which had two doors instead of four. The limited room is the reason why this vehicle only lasted until 1994.

The Navajo was dubbed as one of the worst vehicles that Mazda ever made. But it was an affordable alternative to the Explorer. It was just a small vehicle that had mid-matched components. The Navajo was comprised of a German engine, Japanese parts, and named after a Native American group. It was just as confused as you were.

1993 Mazda MX-3

The Mazda MX-3 looks promising like the Mazda Autozam. It has the looks of a sexy race car with the affordability and reliability that comes with a regular car. It turns out this vehicle wasn’t as sexy as it looked. This sports coupe drives too small and is too slow for most car enthusiasts.

Mazda claimed the MX-3 was the “greatest roadster ever,” but it failed to live up to the hype. It wasn’t anything like the MX05 or the Mazda Autozam even. It lacked horsepower and speed with its 1.8-liter V6-cylinder engine. It was one of the smallest V6-cylinder engines to fit in a vehicle.

2011 Mazda Tribute

The Mazda Tribute looks too similar to the Ford Escape. Mazda wanted to get into the jeep market with its Tribute. Unfortunately, it was a bad idea from the start. This vehicle was lacking in substance and style.

It also didn’t blend in well with Mazda’s 2011 lineup. Mazda tried to correct that by releasing the Tribute Hybrid, which also fell flat. The hybrid SUV failed to make an impact on the market. It was so unpopular that most car enthusiasts like you and I didn’t even know it existed.

2015 Mazda 5

The Mazda 5 had a lot of promise. It’s not necessarily a bad vehicle though. It’s small and versatile enough to drive around anywhere. It was just released at the wrong time. This concept was based on the Mazda 3 was originally designed to be a station wagon, not a minivan.

It didn’t offer the room and convenience that families are looking for in a minivan. There wasn’t a market for an even smaller version of the minivan at the time. Maybe it was too ahead of its town because vehicles are getting smaller once again. In 2016, Mazda ditched the concept altogether and released a line of SUVs.


Most of these vehicles have been discontinued and for good reason. They had very little resale value since they lacked in style, power, and reliability. It’s also impossible to get the parts for the vehicle, especially if you constantly have issues with it.

Regular maintenance and service are required with some of these vehicles. It may be easy enough to get if you have the right parts. When Mazda stopped releasing some of these vehicles, it made it more difficult for drivers to get the required parts. That can drive any vehicle down in resale value.

2018-Mazda-CX-5-Red and Gray

Mazda CX-5: The Perfect Family Vehicle?

In this fast-paced world, it’s nice to see a car company concerned for families, and the only goal is to get the kids to school. One such car is the Mazda CX-5. It is a great example of family-friendly driving enhanced by today’s automotive technology.

With cars, when people discuss artificial intelligence, it’s about self-driven cars that relieve commuter anxiety and worry, even freeing commuters of the burden of driving. It’s not often that the technological advances we hear so much about go into making a car family-friendly.

Type of Body

The Mazda CX-5 is a uni-body compact crossover which means it’s both compact car and sports utility vehicle. The hatchback and station wagon is a fine choice for a family vehicle. The 5-seat 2-box design makes it fully functional for a family to travel in because it’s both a cargo space and a people space at the same time. It’s very family friendly because the CX-5 provides ample storage room. The electric lift-gate is a nice extra feature.
As to the CX-5’s performance, the all-wheel drive provides you with enough traction that you aren’t wanting for more. Even the two-wheel drive CX-5 exceeds handling expectations, so Mazda has the traction issue solved. Either drive will serve you well during holiday weather when you want to get the kids to the mall. That gives you the added confidence you need to maneuver through troubled road situations with a car full of children. Get the all-wheel-drive model if you can.

Thankfully, the climate-controlled interior allows kids to be kids, even when they’re riding in the family vehicle. Provide them with music from the cool Bose ten-speaker system and the streaming Bluetooth technology or the am/FM/cd equipment. If the kids are entertained during the trip, you can concentrate on driving.

With all its features, it’s easy to forget that the CX-5 also gets 31 mpg highway so it won’t break the bank to operate. That’s significant for a family vehicle. With a base sticker price starting at just under $25k, the CX-5 is a solid value.

Safety First

Inevitably though, one or more of the kids are going to distract you, even if it means you fail to put enough distance between the vehicle in front of you and your CX-5. Don’t worry. The alerts will go off. The screen will show you exactly where your driving is failing, and you can make the necessary corrections. The smarter the cars get, the easier it is to transport children.

Obviously, one of the first features you want is safety features. As long as the car generally passes your road performance standards, your next concern is for the children’s safety. In today’s competitive car market, manufacturers are bending over backward to give you safety features you really benefit from.

It’s important to be able to put the brakes on and reach for a kid at the same time and discover everything works out. That’s an example of the car model’s response. You know after driving a vehicle for a while whether it has good response. The first safety feature in a car might be the performance of the drive train and the suspension. Does it enable you to get out of dangerous situations? The CX-5 delivers with a 2.5 liter, 187 hp four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. The company’s G-Vector control gives even more grip on the car.

Technology to Help Multi-tasking

With a car like the CX-5, many driving errors set off alerts that aid you to keep the car traveling safely down the road. Raising kids is work, and driving a car is also work. It’s not always good when the wires cross. That’s why a car packed with safety technology is a real plus. High-end technologies like I-active sense radar in the CX-5 give you an advantage. By alerting you to of oncoming hazards, you can react before they happen. The following technologies give you a heads up before something terrible happens:

    Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring
    Rear Cross Traffic Alert
    Smart City Brake Support
    Adaptive Front Lighting System
    Active Safety Technology
    Pre-collision safety technology

The Active Drive technology in optional packages provides a driving display with sign recognition technology. Then the CX-5 includes built-in technology that makes the car seemingly invincible when bad things happen. These features include:

    Rigid sky active frame with a ring structure
    Pretensioner and load limiter in the seat-belt construction
    Anti-intrusion brake pedal
    SRS airbags

Unfortunately, no car is invulnerable in road accidents. Mazda’s commitment to making accidents a rarity displays the kind of commitment that should give parents confidence going forward with a product like the CX-5.

Podcast: Customer Interview on the Mazda Miata

Matt 00:02
Hey, listeners. It is your host for the month. I am Matt, and I am here at PH Mazda. That’s Mazda of Puente Hills. I am doing this podcast episode and I’ve tried to do a little something special, a little something different. I’ve actually been trying to get in touch with people to give you a different perspective. So these people that I’m bringing in on these podcasts are actually people that are looking at purchasing a Mazda for themselves. We’ll be asking them why, how, all the good questions. What is it about Mazda that makes them want to purchase one? So I met with this guy today. His name is Peter. Can I call you Pete?
Peter 00:41
Yes. That’s fine.
Matt 00:42
Peter 00:42
My friends and family, they call me Pete. Sure.
Matt 00:46
Well, Pete, I’m sorry. I just want to first off say thank you for this. I know I approached you, it was a little awkward because you’re over here trying to shop for a car and I’m like, “Hey. I’m doing a podcast.” So thanks for being a good sport, man. I do appreciate your time. It won’t take long.
Peter 01:00
No. That’s fine.
Matt 01:02
So you were telling me– off air, you were saying that you have quite a bit of background in the industry.
Peter 01:09
Yeah. Well, I used to sell cars many years ago, and I’ve been in management as well. And so I kind of know the industry. I’ve worked on cars. I worked in the service department as well, a few years back. So I’m pretty much immersed in the auto industry. I guess you could say that.
Matt 01:32
That’s probably an advantage that you have. Right?
Peter 01:35
I could say that. Yes. I think so.
Matt 01:39
So what is it that you’re in here looking for, man?
Peter 01:42
You know what? I’ve had a roadster before. I had a Honda roadster. It was an Peter000.
Matt 01:48
Oh, the Peter000s. Yeah. Yeah.
Peter 01:50
Yeah. It was a fun car. And so I’ve always looked at the Miata. The Miata, I’ve driven it, and it drives like a little go kart. It’s a really fun car. And being out in LA a lot, it’s sometimes kind of hard to find places to park. And so the car is great on gas. It’s a fun car to drive. I really don’t need a lot of room. So between my wife and I– well, my wife prefers that I have a car. I really would rather have a motorcycle, but you know how that goes.
Matt 02:22
So this is your compromise?
Peter 02:23
This is my compromise. Exactly. So I’m going with the little Miata.
Matt 02:27
Cool, man. So yeah. The Miatas, a lot of people would say they are the roadster that kind of made it popular. You know?
Peter 02:37
Matt 02:37
A lot of people are just– once you start in a Miata, I notice a lot of people actually stick with the Miata and they keep on going. So besides the fun, being able to drive, and it running like a go kart, and just being real fun, I mean, what do you plan on using this car for? Is it just cool little drives out on the town with the wife?
Peter 03:00
Well, I definitely just see that happening. I mean, I like to go out to the wineries out over in Temecula area. And so it’s really cool. They always have really great weather out there. And having a convertible is a pretty cool car to have. I’ve had a Mazda. My first Mazda was an RX7. It was also a two-seater. And so it was a fun car. I loved that vehicle. So Mazda is just one of those few vehicles that are still being built out in Japan. And I just really, really am attached to the Mazda brand.
Matt 03:36
You know what’s really cool about the Miatas is that– well, Mazda period. Mazda is one of those brands that keep on using technology to further advance, whether it be saving on gas mileage, or safety, or even just infotainment type of deals. The Miata has kind of included some of that infotainment. They actually have like a really big screen. That’s really cool.
Peter 04:02
Yes. For sure. The technology on these vehicles is actually that of, for example, Mercedes Benz. They’re up to date with their technology, and everything is just at arm’s reach. Everything is so close, everything’s perfect, and the cockpit is almost like being in an airplane. You know what I mean? Like a jet. So I really do love the way it holds everything really nice and tight.
Matt 04:32
Right. Right on. Now, do you know exactly what kind of gas mileage you’re getting on this?
Peter 04:37
Well, as a matter of fact, let’s see. If I’m not mistaken, it’s something like about 26, 35. So on the highway, you’re going to get 35. I don’t know about my lead foot. I’ll probably end up with like 32, 33 more or less. But on the city, you’re getting 26. So that’s why I’m getting it. It’s still an economical car, it’s not expensive at all, it’s very affordable, it’s a fun ride, it has all the technology features that I’m looking for, and like I said before, I could park it anywhere. It fits everywhere.
Matt 05:11
Yeah. That does come in handy, especially out in LA. Like you said, you were spending a lot of time out there.
Peter 05:17
Matt 05:18
So real quick, man. I’m going to let you get back to your car shopping. So just real fast, though, because you have some experience in the industry and you’ve been around it for a long time, we’re on October now. November is coming up really soon. And I know around November, a lot of dealerships are starting to tell you about the Black Friday deals, closing out the year, trying to give you the best deals possible. From your experience, do you think now is a good time to start shopping or would you prefer or even advise someone to maybe just wait a couple of months?
Peter 05:53
Well, right now, it’s starting to get a little competitive. So a lot of dealerships are going to start selling the vehicles at the best price they possibly can, which you and I know that it’s normally typically the same price that they’ve always been offering them. But they get a little bit more competitive during the close end of year because the 2019s are just around the corner. This is why I’m getting the 2018. And so it is a good time to definitely start shopping. If you’re really interested in getting a vehicle, right now is a really good time. Because I have a business, getting the vehicle, I can actually write it off into my business. So it really does save me a lot of money at the end of the year, for next year. And so I can get a lot write offs out of it. So this is why I do my shopping during close towards the end of the year. And so I just don’t want to do– there’s going to be a lot of things going on at December. So I want to get my shopping done before that. And being that we’re getting closer to the end of this month, now Halloween is upon us. So yeah. I thought maybe getting the vehicle would be a really good time to do it now.
Matt 07:04
Speaking of Halloween, what are you doing, man?
Peter 07:06
Oh, man. Me and my girl, we’re going to be Bonnie and Clyde, bro. Yeah. I’m going to be all dressed up to the nines. I’m going to have my boy’s little machine gun.
Matt 07:17
There you go.
Peter 07:17
And it’s going to be pretty cool. So I won’t have to wear makeup, which is nice [laughter]. I’ll still look sharp.
Matt 07:23
Right on. Right on.
Peter 07:23
Yeah. We’re going to a dress-up little party. It’ll be fun. It’ll be fun.
Matt 07:28
That will be fun, man. And driving off into the sunset in your brand-new Miata [laughter].
Peter 07:34
Yeah. There you go.
Matt 07:35
That’s going to be awesome.
Peter 07:36
That’s it.
Matt 07:37
And then, what about for November? Thanksgiving’s coming up. You guys cooking or what?
Peter 07:42
I love to cook.
Matt 07:43
Peter 07:44
I love to cook. Thanksgiving is one of those favorite holidays that you get to just throw out and show off your cooking skills. And so I got my eyes on some of those dishes that I’ve been watching on the Food Network. So we’ll see how it goes.
Matt 07:57
Okay. So now that we’re friends, what time should I arrive [laughter]?
Peter 08:03
Bring the beer, bro.
Matt 08:04
Okay. Okay.
Peter 08:04
Bring the beer. You’re more than welcome [laughter].
Matt 08:08
All right, man. So real quick, just for all you listeners out there, you heard it here from our guy, new-found friend. I will be at his place just to grub on Thanksgiving. Clyde, himself.
Peter 08:20
Yeah. That’s right.
Matt 08:22
Getting himself, he’s looking for a Miata today. Now, just real quick, I wanted to ask you, did you take advantage of the website tools at There are some tools there where you can chat live with one of our internet sales guys.
Peter 08:36
As a matter of fact, I did. One of the things that I like to do, is I like to make sure that they have the vehicle that I’m looking for. And so I was looking at the Miata Sport, but I decided to go with the Grand Touring. It’s a little bit more, but it has more of the features that I’m looking for. And it happens that they had both the Sport and the Grand Touring. And so I’m going to go along with the Grand Touring. And yeah. They answered all my questions, they were very helpful, and I can’t stand liars. And this dealership really is honest. They’re really honest with what they’re doing. They’re really cool people. So I recommend this dealership for sure.
Matt 09:15
Well, I appreciate your time. I’m sure that Puente Hills Mazda, we all appreciate you here as well. We’re going to go ahead and let you close out your deal. Thanks, again, for your time. Listeners out there, you heard it from here. A person that’s actually purchasing a car today. He went on, he went on the live chat, asked all the questions that he needed, found out which car was really going to be for him, and now he’s in here. He’s saving himself a bunch of time. So make sure you do the same. Find out what’s on our lot, what’s available to you, what kind of deals you can get, and then come on through. We’re a friendly little place out here. You can test drive anything that we have and make sure that you have the right car for you, man. That’s all. That’s what it’s about. So we appreciate your time, again. Congratulations on your purchase, man. And we hope to hear from you again, soon.
Peter 10:02
Thank you so much.
Matt 10:03
No worries. Thanks a lot, listeners. We’ll talk to you next month. It’s going to be our Thanksgiving edition, and I might even have a little food review. We’ll talk to you later.