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MAZDA 3: Why You Need to Test Drive the 2018 Mazda3

You’ve seen the car, admired its stylish exterior lines, but maybe you haven’t given the Mazda 3 a good look. The first reason you must test drive the 2018 Mazda 3 might surprise you: It’s the price. Even at the top trim level, you’ll experience significant savings compared to similar automobiles.

The Price

Just to be clear, the price starts at less than $19,000, which is a great bargain, but you must look at the higher trim levels to really appreciate the value of this car. At just over $24,000, the top trim level includes an amazing array of good that will leave many competitors in the dust. Interesting high-end features include rain-sensing windshield wipers, blind spot monitoring, rear traffic monitoring and an engine immobilizer-anti-theft system all in a reasonably priced sedan. The Interior quality of the Mazda 3 exceeds expectations as well, and the exterior is anything but boring. As a result, the price is the first reason to do a test drive.

The Great Ride

The second reason is the incredible drive. The Mazda3 is a car four years into its generational category. Whatever may have ailed it in the past has been cured. People who know the ride report nothing but good things, but if you’ve never driven a Mazda 3, you’re in for a treat. You’ll experience a mature, sporty car that knows how to impress. To Mazda fans, it’s one of the best secrets of the automobile industry.

The sporty feel of the Mazda3 is unmistakable, but for such a modest price, it garners respect first and foremost. From the staid but solid appearance, you’d never expect so much fun. This is a car people like to drive. If you want the car to look as sporty as its ride, Mazda offers an aerodynamic package that adds an exciting front grill, scooped side mirrors and other trim parts to jazz up the looks.

If the 2.0-liter engine in the basic packages fails to impress, the 2.5-liter engine, 184 hp upgrade meets most motorists’ expectations. It’s reported to go from zero to 60 mph in less than eight seconds. The six-speed transmission with sports mode might be a mandatory feature for many drivers after they try this car out. The suspension grabs and holds the road, and the handling is highly responsive.

Safety Features

The third reason to test drive the car is the vehicle’s safety features. It may not be obvious initially, but the more you drive it, the more confidence you’ll have in the safety features. It’s a combination of responsive handling, rock-solid design and technological advances.

The safety features at the top trim level are impressive. Half the premium package is devoted to safety concerns. The lane assist, traffic recognition system, adaptive front lighting system, lane departure warning, cruise control and other features underscore Mazda’s commitment to safety.

Standard equipment includes a 3-point seat-belt system, advanced front airbags, front side bags and air curtains. Rounding out the standard safety package is stability and traction control with a tire pressure monitoring system to enhance your feeling of security.

The Incredible Interior

The fourth reason to test drive a 2018 Mazda3 is the great interior. The cabin features will stick in owners’ minds for years. The synthesis between the great ride and the Mazda 3’s interior is remarkable. There’s really nothing noisy about the interior, but everything impresses, beginning with the ergonomic dash, door trim and center stack. The top trim level really delivers in the interior area with leather seats. The cloth seats in the car’s first two trim levels are attractive and cozy.

The standard interior options at the top trim level are impressive. Check out the tilt and telescoping steering wheel with cruise control buttons and a push-button ignition start. Map lights in the front and a cabin light in the rear are important details that are must-haves in today’s cars. The seats accommodate five people with the emphasis on the driver’s seat and its seven-point adjusters. Ergonomics continue here too, with a nice coordination of seats and cup holders in both the front and the back.

An optional heated steering wheel is available at the top trim level.

The Technology

The final reason to take the car for a test drive is the information technology inside. That includes the knowledge devices and the incredible sound system. With the audio controls on the steering wheel, the sound system is completely in control of the driver. Bluetooth streaming and auxiliary input jacks guarantee a variety of audio sources to enhance your driving experience. The sound system comes with six speakers. Internet radio integration and high-definition radio contribute much to the sound system. Subscription services like Pandora are accessible, and it’s all controlled by a voice-activated system. It all starts with the Mazda Connect Infotainment System.

The Mazda Connect system has a reputation for intuitiveness. It’s a feature much desired if you want a driver focused on the road, and not a bunch of electronic buttons. The Mazda navigation system can be purchased with a premium package at the top trim level.

Podcast: Customer Interview

Matt 00:16
Welcome, listeners. It is I, your host for the month. It’s Matt. And I’m here at the actual store in Puente Hills. It’s PH Mazda. And what I’m trying to do for everybody now is just trying to give a little bit of a different perspective. So I’m trying to actually get some customers that come in after they’ve purchased their cars, see if they want to talk to me a little bit and tell me about it. I was lucky enough to find my guy here, newfound friend of mine, really cool dude. His name is Josh. Now Josh, first off, thank you for doing this with me, man.
Josh 00:50
Absolutely, man. No problem.
Matt 00:52
It sounds great. So you were telling me off-air you’re actually from San Diego.
Josh 00:57
Yeah. I am from San Diego. Yes.
Matt 00:59
What made you come all the way to Puente Hills for your car?
Josh 01:04
They hooked me up, man [laughter]. They hooked me up. They gave me a deal I could not refuse.
Matt 01:08
Plain and simple, huh?
Josh 01:09
Sometimes you got to go to the source to get something better.
Matt 01:13
That makes sense. And not only that. I mean, you’re already getting great deals because you are catching onto the Black Friday sales events and everything like that. But something about this dealership here in particular just kind of– they tend to just turn it up a notch.
Josh 01:27
Yeah, man. They really take care of me. They took care of me, I should say. I came in. I spoke with somebody on the phone. We had the conversation. I was like, “All right. I’ll make it out there to see what you guys got on Black Friday.” And sure enough, they made me a deal could not refuse, so I had to go with it.
Matt 01:46
That’s awesome, man. So what did you end up picking up?
Josh 01:48
The Mazda 6 Touring in red. In red. I hope it’s not a cop magnet [laughter]. But I had to. I couldn’t turn down that red, man. It looks so beautiful.
Matt 01:57
That’s yours right outside?
Josh 01:58
That’s it right there. Look.
Matt 02:00
Dude, that’s beautiful. Dang.
Josh 02:00
Yeah [laughter]. Thank you, thank you.
Matt 02:03
Yeah, man. And look at them tires though. The wheels.
Josh 02:05
Well, the wheels, I had to go with that color combo, man. They told me they had one with black wheels. I was like, “That’s the one I want.”
Matt 02:11
“That’s the one.”
Josh 02:12
And initially, they gave me the red with, I think, it was their regular silver wheels. And I was like, “Do you guys got the black ones, by a chance?” And they’re like, “You know what, we’ll hook you up.” So I was like, “Say no more [laughter]. Take care of me. Please.”
Matt 02:24
“Where do I sign?”
Josh 02:25
Yeah, man.
Matt 02:26
That’s awesome. So all right. So tell me what else about the car really made you choose this one?
Josh 02:31
Honestly, man, I was looking at a lot of other sedans. And I’m sure you’ve heard of Apple CarPlay, right?
Matt 02:38
Josh 02:38
So I’m an iPhone guy, a heavy iPhone guy. So I was just looking for something that had that in particular. And I noticed that Mazda was actually integrating them into all their newer vehicles. Not everybody’s catching up, but slowly but surely, some people are. So I was just like, “You know what, I like this feature that comes with this Touring model.” So I just jumped on it, and I was like, “Yeah, man. That’s what I want. That’s what I like.” I like having the GPS straight from my phone. It just works. It just works.
Matt 03:06
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It just works.
Josh 03:08
Just works.
Matt 03:08
And that’s the one thing that Mazda’s always been doing. I mean, anyone that pays attention, Mazda really steps up what they do tech-wise. So they’re all about using technology as far as becoming gas savers, as far as safety features, as far as– and let’s just touch on that a little bit if you don’t mind. Your car – correct me if I’m wrong – that model there actually comes with the heads-up display?
Josh 03:33
It does. Yeah. So what one of the guys was showing me is it has that HUD or HUD, I guess, what they call it, heads-up display, like you said, and it shows you the miles per hour. So as you’re driving, you don’t need to look down to your speedometer.
Matt 03:48
Oh, the dashboard speedometers.
Josh 03:49
Yeah. So it’s right in front of you. So as you’re driving, you can see how fast you’re driving. And it shows the blind spot monitoring as well. So if there’s a car coming up on your left or on your right, you’ll see the little dots on there as well as on the mirrors, too, but you’ll see them right there, so you don’t even need to look over to actually see your mirrors. I mean, you still need to, of course. But it gives you that freedom of being able to just look there instead of having to turn, so. I like that. I feel like that’s a really good safety feature, in my opinion.
Matt 04:21
Yeah. Absolutely. Especially with something like, “Ooh, he’s got this shiny red.”
Josh 04:24
Yeah. You know what I mean [laughter]? I got to make sure nothing’s coming up on the side, creeping up on me [laughter].
Matt 04:29
Yeah. Absolutely. So I’ve been hanging around the shop a lot, talking to some of the dealers and everything. Of course, doing some reading too. I saw that that car actually was given by Car and Driver Magazine– they got five stars just overall rating.
Josh 04:46
Yeah. Yeah. I was actually looking into safety as well. I got some little ones. So I want to make sure I’m in a safe car. I want to make sure I’m in something that rides comfortably, my family can enjoy, and if, God forbid, something were to happen, we’re in a safe car.
Matt 05:01
You’re safe. Yeah.
Josh 05:02
Yeah. We’re in the safest car that’s possible. Yeah.
Matt 05:05
Yeah. So that’s great that you do that, man. Have you actually tried to take a seat in the back?
Josh 05:11
You know what, not yet [laughter]. But my kids love it. They always fall asleep. Always falling asleep. So, I mean, that leads me to believe that it’s pretty comfortable back seats [laughter]. So we’ll see. We’ll see.
Matt 05:22
Perfect. Perfect.
Josh 05:22
Maybe I’ll let the wife drive and kiddo front. We’ll see. We’ll see [laughter].
Matt 05:26
So I know it’s been pretty packed around this time, as you kind of expect, because they have just crazy deals for everybody out there. So maybe you can just tell me a little bit how you managed to kind of get in and get out. I noticed you kind of came and you were in here for – I don’t know – maybe hour or so?
Josh 05:49
Yeah. I kind of just came in, signed some papers, shook some hands, and that was really it. Like I said, the majority of my deal was kind of set in stone over the phone. I kind of told them what I wanted, what I was looking for. So when I came in, they had a couple options for me. They did have the Sport and the Touring for me so I can test out both. I did take them both out for a spin. And I kind of was just sold on the Touring. Overall, I liked the feel of it. I liked, obviously, like I said, the color, the wheel combo, and the interior, man. It’s like you’re walking into– it’s a luxury interior to me. So I really liked it. It was definitely an upgrade from my old vehicle. So, yeah, to me, I just really liked the car, so I just ended up going with the Touring instead.
Matt 06:32
Yeah. No, I definitely think you made a good decision, man. For one, the outside, it looks good. It looks pretty sporty, to be honest.
Josh 06:38
Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. It’s–
Matt 06:39
The inside, it is pretty luxurious. It’s got that– what I like is that infotainment center. It’s got a pretty big display.
Josh 06:48
Yeah. So what’s crazy about that display is it’s only touch screen when you’re parked. So when you’re driving, you can’t reach out and touch it. That’s what one of the guys was telling me. I was trying to touch it while I was driving. He’s all, “No, no, no. You got to use the center knob.” So I guess they have a knob right in the middle, and you basically move that knob, and it highlights whatever icon you’re moving on screen or whatever section, and you can rotate. And it’s something you got to get used to. But I was trying it out and was like, “I can get used to this. It’s not too bad.” So, I mean, yeah, I feel like it’s a little safer than reaching over to the screen and touching it. So, yeah, I like that.
Matt 07:23
Yeah. It’s easier to keep it clean too. No fingerprints on it.
Josh 07:25
Right. Right. Exactly [laughter]. Yeah.
Matt 07:28
So you said you called somebody here on the phone. So just kind of walk me through if you don’t mind. Probably went to the website and then–
Josh 07:36
Yeah. So, yeah, I found their website. Like I said, I was doing my research. I checked out a couple dealerships out here in San Diego, but nothing really caught my attention. They didn’t really have what I was looking for in particular. They told me they could bring it from somewhere, but I was like, “No. I need to take advantage of these Black Friday deals.” So I looked a little a ways. It’s not too far from me. About two hours, two and a half hour drive. So I took the drive, brought the kids with me, brought the wife. And we just made it happen. We came up here. Like I said, I talked on the phone with these guys, and they told me, “Yeah. Come out. I got a couple things for you. We’ll talk, and we’ll see what we can do.” And like I said, I had done a lot of the preapproval stuff over the phone just to kind of make my trip quick. I got kids. Sometimes they can get fussy, especially being in a dealership for a while. You know how that goes. Two, three hours in there, maybe four. So I took care of all that stuff at home. And then once I got there, they told me, “Yeah. You just pick what you want, and we’ll go through the process.” And like I said, I picked out that Touring and say no more. We got the deal taken care of.
Matt 08:39
Listeners, do you see what I’m saying? Do you see how easy it is nowadays? You can hop online, go to You’ll find a phone number on there. You can do a live chat with one of the internet sales people. They’ll answer all the questions you need, and you can set it up just like our boy Josh did. He came all the way, two hours, two and a half hours maybe, brought the family just because he understood, everything was pretty much laid out for him, and he was able to leave with– I’m telling you, this car looks really– I might leave with you.
Josh 09:13
Aye, man [laughter]. Let’s go, bro. Let’s go. I’ll let you test-drive it [laughter].
Matt 09:16
You got room for one more, bro? Let’s go. Like I said, man, I do want to just tell you thank you for doing this. I know I kind of approached you in a awkward way like, “Hey–”
Josh 09:26
No worries.
Matt 09:27
“–I’m doing a podcast. You want to come on [laughter]?”
Josh 09:29
“All right. Let’s do it.” [crosstalk].
Matt 09:30
Yeah. So thank you for being game for that, man. Congratulations–
Josh 09:33
No problem.
Matt 09:33
–on the car.
Josh 09:34
Thank you, thank you.
Matt 09:35
Puente Hills Mazda, I’ma speak on behalf of them. I’m sure that they are very grateful that you decided to follow through. I’m glad that they were able to help you. They do love to tell everybody, “You don’t have to spend half of your day in a dealership anymore. It’s not like that. It’s 2018, guys. You can do pretty much anything you need to online, over the phone, make things much easier, including purchasing a brand-new vehicle. So, Josh, man, I want to say good luck, drive safe.
Josh 10:04
Thank you.
Matt 10:04
Have fun, man. Say hello to all your kids. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
Josh 10:09
Thanksgiving, we’re going to get together with the family, going to go visit my parents. So it should be a fun time. Should be a fun time. We’re going to get some turkey going, some ham. The works. The works.
Matt 10:18
Oh, that sounds great. Okay. Well, San Diego, I mean, I got something I could do out there. You trying to bribe me or something?
Josh 10:23
Hey, bro. Come by, man [laughter]. Come by. Hey. 7 o’clock. Sure. I’ll see you there.
Matt 10:26
I love it, man. All right. I’ma see you guys next month. We’ll be closing it out December. So we’ve got some specials lined up in December. We’ll talk about some of our 2019s that you can start to do some research on. And then maybe early January, you guys will have some– we can get some reviews and things like that. So we got some things lined up. Make sure you tune in again to the PH Mazda Podcast. Josh, I appreciate your time, man.
Josh 10:55
Thank you.
Matt 10:55
Everybody else out there, if you got any questions, make sure you hit us up. We got the links all the time where you can find out where we’re at as far as social media goes, Instagram, Twitter, all of that and so much more. We’ll talk to you guys soon.


Mazda 6: Another Look at the Sedan

There are a number of well established vehicles that currently dominate the midsize sedan segment. At the same time, there are a number of competitors who are looking to become the next dominant brand of midsize cars. With this competition, it can be difficult for these vehicles to stand out among consumers. However, there is one vehicle that has been able to set itself apart from the rest. This car is the Mazda6 which is a midsize sedan manufactured by the Japanese automaker Mazda. For a number of years, the Mazda6 has been among the most popular choices among shoppers of a midsized family sedan. With its unique features, space and performance, the Mazda 6 has emerged as one option that consumers have considered when looking to get a car in this particular class.

With a Mazda 6, consumes are able to take advantage of a number of things that make the driving experience very enjoyable. These include the spacious cabin and interior, the stylish exterior, the innovative technology, the agile steering and also the performance and fuel economy. There are three main trims of the Mazda 6 which include the Sport, Touring and Grand Touring. Each of these provides consumers with a high quality option when it comes to sedans due to the features such as standard alloy wheels, air conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth technology, a touchscreen and a backup camera.


With the Mazda 6, there are a number of specs that make it an ideal vehicle to drive. One of the basic specs of the car is the keyless ignition and entry option. This allows drivers to start up the car from a distance and enter it without having to use a key. Another spec of the car is the automatic headlights. When you start the car, the headlights will automatically turn on and provide you with clear vision. There is also dual zone climate control which allows both the driver and the passenger to adjust the climate control settings to their preferences. With a Mazda 6, there is also low speed automatic braking and blind spot monitoring which enhance safety for both drivers and passengers who are in this car.


One of the most impressive aspects of all Mazda vehicles is the performance. The Mazda 6 is no exception to this. With a Mazda 6, there is a standard 2.5 liter four cylinder engine on all of the trim levels. The car provides 184 horsepower and 185 pounds feet of torque. This care therefore provides drivers with plenty of zip when driving down the road. Along with performance, the car also comes with either a 6 speed manual or a 6 speed automatic transmission. On the Sport trim, there is the option of either the manual or an automatic transmission with paddle shifters.


The interior of the Mazda 6 is one of the most innovative and luxurious. Inside the car is a leather steering wheel that has a contoured design. This allows drivers to firmly grip the wheel. The steering wheel is also very light and agile which allows drivers to easily control the vehicle when it is being driven. Another aspect of the interior is the seating. The Mazda 6 comes with either leather or cloth seating. With the leather seats, you can heat or cool them to provide maximum comfort in a variety of weather conditions. A Mazda 6 also has a touchscreen that enables drivers and passengers to access a number of the innovative technology features of the car as well.


The exterior of the Mazda 6 is comparable to all other midsized sedans. The car itself is about 10 feet in length and 5 feet in height. It has four doors which provide access to the front and back seats. There is also the grille in the front where the Mazda logo is located. There are also LED headlights and foglights that provide enhanced vision for drivers. In the back of the car is the door that opens up to the trunk as well as the LED taillights. The wheels of the Mazda 6 are 17 inch steel wheels.


With the Mazda 6, there are a lot of technology features that are very beneficial. Consumers who drive this car can make and receive calls from their smartphone with the touch of a button. They can also access media files on MP3 format as well as access the radio. With the touchscreen, drivers and passengers can also access the navigation system to help them find their way around town more easily. These technology features make the Mazda 6 a very enjoyable car to drive.

The Mazda 6 is one of the top midsized sedans due to its many features. With the vehicle offering innovative technology, a roomy and comfortable interior and an attractive exterior, this car is one that consumers will benefit using. Consumers who are looking to buy a quality midsize sedan will want to consider buying or leasing the Mazda 6.