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Podcast: Puente Hills Mazda Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Amy: 00:00:02.589 Hi, it’s Amy. I’m welcoming you back to Puente Hills Mazda’s podcast. It’s a pretty great time of year. In fact, some would call it the most wonderful time of the year. We’re all getting ready shopping for our loved ones, and being all festive, and celebrating. I’m joined today by Matt, who is a car aficionado. He just loves driving. And I was talking to him a little bit about the season, and he thinks that there is no better gift than a vehicle for the ones that you love. Is that right, Matt?

Matt: 00:00:35.706 I mean, if you can. Yeah. I’d appreciate that [laughter].

Amy: 00:00:39.717 All right. Well, welcome today. Thank you for joining us.

Matt: 00:00:42.332 No worries. Thank you for having me.

Amy: 00:00:44.674 Of course. So tell me, what is the atmosphere like at a car dealership like Puente Hills Mazda this time of year?

Matt: 00:00:55.376 Well, honestly, man, it’s pretty busy. So obviously, everyone’s happy. A lot of our guys here are kind of in and out for vacations, seeing family, welcoming family. It’s just a great time. It’s actually pretty busy still. Obviously, there’s a lot of shoppers that come in that feel like I feel and think that it’s the perfect gift to get a new car [laughter]. But around this time, I think a lot of people, a lot of consumers are just more interested in the type of deals that we have at the end of the year. And I think even if they don’t buy a car in December, let’s say, they’re looking to get something pretty soon, so early January or maybe even February type deal. But that’s typically how it goes at dealerships. And around here, man, everyone is festive. Everyone is wearing the little Santa hats, elf hats, all over the place, and it’s just a great time.

Amy: 00:01:56.167 Are you wearing a Santa hat?

Matt: 00:01:57.456 Not right now. For this interview, no, but I do have one. I do have one, and I definitely do like to wear it. I’m one of those guys that likes to wear hats all the time, and unfortunately, I just left mine. But I do have one, so if you see me walking around, guys, and you see me with a hat, don’t laugh.

Amy: 00:02:17.051 Why would anyone laugh? I mean, maybe if it was a February like you were saying. But it’s December.

Matt: 00:02:23.263 Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Amy: 00:02:25.041 It’s a wonderful time to be wearing Santa hats. So you mentioned that people might be window shopping a little bit, kind of prepping themselves to buy a vehicle in January and February. What is something that– what’s a good reason for them to actually take the plunge now?

Matt: 00:02:41.722 Well, I mean, obviously, we do want to get rid of everything that we have for 2018, and we want to bring in the new year with new vehicles. So 2019 models, they’re pretty much around the corner. You know what I mean? So we have all those ready to go. And right now, you can find all types of deals on our 2018 models, and that’s just typically how things go each and every year. Every dealership wants to get rid of 2018 and get ready for the new stuff.

Amy: 00:03:12.945 And I know people think that they always want that new vehicle. And obviously, I know being in the car space, you would agree that getting that new vehicle is a great idea, that 2019 model. But there are still a lot of great benefits to the 2018 models, right? I mean, it’s not like they’ve changed anything just because they’re getting older. They’re still a good investment.

Matt: 00:03:34.162 Oh, yeah. 2018s are definitely– I mean, especially for a Mazda. We’ve included so much in 2018 as far as engine-wise, as far as being gas savers, as far as new technology goes, if you’re into the infotainment centers. So there’s all that stuff. Not to mention that body types and body styles of a lot of our cars, they just look so good. Anything from the Miata to our Mazda6. Mazda3s are still pretty popular. The thing about Mazda is there’s something for everyone, even if you guys typically have a– you need a larger vehicle like some of our SUVs. The CX-5, for example, has been one of our top sellers. We anticipate that still being the case in 2019. But, I mean, as far as 2019 goes, there might not be too much of a difference from 2018 besides a few little modifications here and there. So, I mean, unless you really are looking to get those modifications specifically, 2018 models are still definitely a way to go for anyone. I mean, I would suggest looking into that first.

Amy: 00:04:51.015 So let me pitch you a few people that I’m thinking about buying something for this holiday season. And can you tell me which Mazda would be the correct one for them or the best one in your opinion?

Matt: 00:05:01.251 Okay.

Amy: 00:05:01.984 So my cousin has three kids, and she cannot keep up with them. That’s the lifestyle [laughter]. And she’s looking for a new vehicle. She wants something reliable, something that she’s going to be able to haul around her family in, but also something that she’s going to feel good about herself when she drives it. Do you have any ideas for her?

Matt: 00:05:22.707 I mean, yeah. Obviously, it would depend on what she feels comfortable with as far as even payments go and such. I’m not sure how old–

Amy: 00:05:31.205 Oh, this is a gift.

Matt: 00:05:31.859 –the kids are.

Amy: 00:05:32.437 We’re Christmas shopping here.

Matt: 00:05:35.086 Okay. Well, I mean, if you’re– yeah. If you’re just going to buy it cash. I mean, I don’t know how old the children are or if they play any sports. But CX-5s are definitely something, like I said before, pretty popular right now. A bunch of space in the back, so if they do play any sports, you’ll be able to throw it in the back, man. Baseball bats, cleats, anything like that. There’s definitely room for all of the children. And the thing that I like about it is, typically, when we talk about families, we might think of a car seat and everything like that. I’ve been in the back seat with families, even on test drives. I actually had to install their car seat, and I stayed in the back and just had the drivers– well, the mom and the dad be driver and passenger. So I was really in the back seat and really got to feel. I had plenty of leg room and it wasn’t like we were a bunch of sardines in the back seat, even with that car seat. So that’s definitely a reason why I think the CX-5 is one of those that keep on selling. It looks good. It’s not one of those– when you see a CX-5, you’re not necessarily thinking, “Oh, I’m an old person now,” or something like that. You still look very stylish. You can still feel the engine. You can still get that feeling of, “I might be going pretty fast right now.” We’ve got the heated seats. It’s one of the safest cars on the road, so I would say look into that one.

Amy: 00:07:11.166 Okay. That seems like a good option. I’ve definitely heard a lot about it on the street, so. Yeah. So it backs up what you’re saying. Okay. So now, how about my other cousin? He just graduated from high school this past June, and he went away for college, and he’s been relying on his friends kind of to drive him around and stuff. And I’d really just love to be able to get him a car of his own. What Mazda do you think would be a good fit for him?

Matt: 00:07:43.099 Typically, for a college student, I like to say maybe a Mazda3. It’s not the biggest sedan we have, but typically, you don’t really need a big sedan when you’re a college student. You just need something that’s going to be reliable, fun to drive, and that’s definitely a Mazda3 there. So it does come in a couple different styles. If you wanted the four-door-type sedan, then that’s still pretty good looking too. So just because it’s four-door, it might not– people have this thing in their head where if it’s a four-door, it’s probably not sporty. Mazda doesn’t give you a reason to think that way. When you’re behind the wheel, the dash looks phenomenal. The steering wheel looks almost like a racing wheel kind of. And then we also have our– where you shift, it can actually go into manual mode. So even though it’s an automatic vehicle, you’ve got the option to run it as manual, the sport-shift-type thing. So I suggest those. If you’re a college student, it’s great on gas, it’s going to be reliable, and it’s just fun to drive.

Amy: 00:08:52.968 That’s a great recommendation, and I’m sure that he would appreciate that recommendation from you [laughter]. All right. Let’s do one more. My uncle, he’s actually just recently retired, and he’s looking for just a chance, an opportunity to enjoy his life a little bit more. He loves to drive and travel, but he’s not looking for anything too serious. What do you think?

Matt: 00:09:20.015 You said he likes to travel? Is he like the open road type of guy, or does he–

Amy: 00:09:24.097 The open road.

Matt: 00:09:26.104 –have a wife that he’ll be taking with him maybe, or pets or something?

Amy: 00:09:28.888 Well, he always like to bring his cat places, but a lot of times, he’ll leave the cat at home for the drive.

Matt: 00:09:34.498 Okay. I guess that would depend a little bit on just how he is. But I’ve seen some retirees come in, and they actually look for our Miata, the MX-5. It’s one of those cars that look great. The thing about the Miata, they kind of have this following where people loved it from the very jump, and they stayed on top of what’s coming new, what’s to expect from the Miata. They love that it looks good. It’s a roadster that’s been around for a while, and I think there’s been a lot of car companies that have tried to duplicate what we have, but they’ll never be able to do what we’ve done with it. So–

Amy: 00:10:19.817 Here, here.

Matt: 00:10:21.413 Yeah. Look at the Mazda Miata MX-5. That might be a good one for him.

Amy: 00:10:26.487 Okay. Well, it seems like no matter who you are and what your situation is in life, there’s a Mazda for you. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Matt: 00:10:31.946 I promise. Yep.

Amy: 00:10:32.684 Okay. And do you have any other suggestions for a kind of gift I might be able to give someone besides buying them a brand new car that still– I mean, well, I’m not talking a spa certificate here or something. Something that I could find at Puente Hills Mazda.

Matt: 00:10:52.791 Yeah. I mean, definitely. I think you can come right in and maybe give them a certificate for our service department. Or even if you go back there to our service area, you’ll be able to find just some nice little accessories for their cars, as far as key chains. We’ve got even blinds for your windshield. There’s a bunch of little knickknacks there that are kind of nice. Steering wheel covers, even things that go on your pedals to make it look a little sportier. We have a ton.

Amy: 00:11:29.267 Great. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Is there anything else you wanted to add?

Matt: 00:11:33.062 Just Happy Holidays to everybody out there. I’m so anxious to see my family coming in. It’s been a while for me, so spending time with them is just going to be, gosh, just amazing to me, and I really can’t wait. So everybody, Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy your family and all your loved ones, and don’t forget to make some time. Come see us at PH Mazda [laughter].

Amy: 00:11:58.445 All right. Thanks.

Matt: 00:11:59.567 All right. Thank you.

Amy: 00:12:01.142 Happy Holidays, everyone.

Will We Get a Mazda Speed 3?

Recently at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, attendees were blessed with the sight of the 2020 Mazda 3, looking fly as hell. The first two generations of the Mazda 3 had two turbocharged versions, called Mazdaspeed3 or MPS, depending on the market it was offered.

But in a surprising turn of events, the Japanese automaker decided to take a new path. It had decided not to offer the third-gen, and the same is true with the fourth-gen 3 as well.

Mazda Prioritizes Survival

It has been reported for years that a new MPS will soon invade the marketplace, but Mazda Chief Akira Marumoto put all rumors to rest. Marumoto says that Mazda’s goal is to establish itself as a premium automaker able to tackle competition and beat them with ease and that it was never their priority to add such segment to their current line of cars. The company, rather, is adamant on improving their existing models.

No Electric or Autonomous Cars Either

Marumoto also pointed out that the company would rather focus on producing premium quality cars at par with European carmakers instead of investing in other segments that could potentially result in the downfall of the company. Mazda, according to him, aims to provide comfort, quality, and continuous improvements in their already existing line of cars.

What this means is that there would be no driverless cars or EV sports cards from Mazda either. Marumoto believes that self-driving cars would just stop driver capabilities as they would become more reliant on its autonomous features. Besides, he favors the smell of gasoline, he told journalists.

A Big Misunderstanding

Defiant on putting the rumors to a complete halt, the executive said that in the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show where the RX Vision was showcased, the goal was to provide enthusiasts an insight of how the Kodo design language continued to evolve. He said that RX Vision is a vision model for design development and was not intended to be integrated in the rumored third-gen.

What to Expect from Mazda

The Mazda 3 will likely receive the turbocharged, 2.5-liter in due time, as it fits the header of the newly introduced model, the Japanese automaker said. Furthermore, it just makes sense considering the Mazda 3 has an all-wheel-drive system. This amazing feature is also the reason why the turbo engine was introduced on the CX-5 and Mazda 6.

Looking Back

Let’s look back at the introduction of the Mazdaspeed 3, shall we? The first generation of MPS was first shown in 2007, and the second-gen found its way in the market three years later, lasting for about three years before making its exit. While not all people are fond of the MPS, people still make a deal out of it because it was a car that was easy to drive around, all thanks to its neat handling.

It performed so well that it was included in Ward’s list of ten best engines, and did so for three years straight. It’s the reason why the company decided to keep the engine for its second generation of MPS. And get this: the front wheels were powered using a six-speed manual.

The first generation of Mazdaspeed cars rushed to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds and the second generation at 5.3. So it’s pretty clear why people will be disappointed upon hearing the news that the MPS won’t be revived.

More on the 2020 Mazda 3

Back to the all-new Mazda 3, the car maker made a complete facelift on its tiny but popular car. It’s a striking hatchback and a stylish sedan that safeguards its future by integrating premium class engine technologies and the evolutionary Kodo design language.

The company hasn’t provided a solid release date yet, but it’s expected in showrooms mid-2019. The Mazda 3 is expected to bring Mazda closer to the ranks of more established premium car brands the likes of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz — all three offering cars with the same size but still attractive to the mainstream market.

Its powered by Mazda’s impressive Skyactiv-X engine, which combines the best features of petrol and diesel combustion process that will lessen the amount of fuel burned without reducing the quality of its performance. Its design bears the Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture that guarantees improved dynamics and comfort, and complete noise isolation.

The engine is equipped with a small supercharger and a high compression ratio, allowing the compression of fuel once ignited. At the same time, it still has a spark plug should you wish to go for the conventional process of ignition.

It’s been said and done that there will be no Mazdaspeed3 at all, but the turbocharged unit should make Mazda enthusiasts happy, especially if it makes its way in the Mazda 3. Let us know what you think.

Tips for Traveling Safely in Your Mazda3

Driving during the holiday season can be a bit stressful at times. It is even more stressful when you may be in a rush and driving in bad weather conditions such as snow. As an owner of a Mazda3, it will be important to follow a number of safety tips during your holiday travel. Anyone with a Mazda3 will want to focus on driving carefully, get help when they need it and also avoid driving in bad weather if they can. Drivers will also need to follow all of the traffic laws, use the brakes carefully and always be aware of the current weather conditions. By following these tips, those driving the Mazda 3 will be in position to enjoy safer holiday travel.


The first tip to follow when driving during the holiday season is to drive carefully. You will want to operate your care properly by going holding on to the steering wheel properly and not taking any chances in traffic. Individuals driving the Mazda 3 will also want to keep a safe distance between them and other drivers on the road. They will need to focus on the road at all times as well. Anyone driving during the holiday season must engage in defensive driving at all times during the holiday season. By driving carefully, people will be in less danger and less likely to get into an accident while traveling during the holidays.


Another tip to follow during the holiday season is to get help when you need it. There may be a time when your car has an unexpected breakdown. As a result, you can get stuck on the road and be in a very inconvenient situation. In order to best resolve this issue, it will be important to have contact information for roadside assistance. This will give you access to a professional company that can send someone to help you. They will be available to do things such as check your engine, change your tires, evaluate your lights and also make minor repairs. Getting help when you need it will enable you to engage in safe driving during the holiday season.


One of the things that can allow you to guarantee safe driving during the holiday season is to avoid driving in bad weather. If it is possible, look to avoid driving your car during snowstorms or when it is raining. Avoiding storms will allow you to avoid exposure to bad weather conditions and increase your chances of getting into an accident. It will be important to have information about when a storm will occur and when roads will be cleared. This will allow you to enjoy safer driving when traveling at this time of year.


When driving the Mazda 3 during the holiday season, it is very important to follow the traffic laws during the holidays. You will need to stop at red lights, stop at signs and also make turns when traffic is completely clear. It will also be important to follow the speed limit as well. Following the traffic laws will enable you to drive safely and avoid getting into any accidents with other drivers and pedestrians. By following the traffic laws, you will be in better position to enjoy safer driving during this time of the year.


Drivers during the holiday season who are looking to drive safely will benefit by braking carefully. The best way to do this is to attempt to stop the vehicle smoothly at all times. When it is snowing or raining outside, do not try to slam on the brakes and try to stop the car within a second. This can lead to sliding and getting into a crash. Instead, it will be important to drive the vehicle a little more slowly than usual and gradually push on the brakes to stop the car. Braking carefully will play a key role in safe driving while traveling.


Before driving your vehicle and to ensure safe driving, it will benefit you to be aware of the weather conditions at all times. You will want to check the local weather reports to see if there will be any snow or rain. It will also be beneficial to find out if the roads will be icy as well. Knowing the current weather conditions will enable you to have better awareness of the current state of the road. As a result, you will be able to avoid hazardous driving conditions and enjoy safer driving when you do decide to drive on the road.

The holiday season is usually a great time for many people. However, traveling can be a bit hazardous at times. When you are driving a Mazda 3, it will be important to follow a few tips so that you will increase your chances of safe driving during this time. In order to drive more safely during the holiday season, it will be in your best interest to drive carefully, be more aware of the weather conditions and also get assistance whenever it is necessary.

Gifts for the Person Who Spends Time in Their Mazda

When driving a Mazda, there are a number of things that can benefit you and make your experience with the vehicle even more enjoyable. As the owner or lessor of a Mazda vehicle, there are a number of gift ideas that will enhance your overall experience with the vehicle. These gifts are quite diverse and serve a number of purposes. These gifts include cellphone holders and other gadgets that will allow you to get better use of your vehicle. One of the best things about these gifts is that they are quite affordable so you will not have to spend too much money to enhance your experience driving a Mazda.


One of the gifts that will benefit owners of this vehicle brand is a cellphone holder. It may not be the most glamorous or high tech gift but it is very practical. This cellphone holder will be able to store any size smartphone and allow you to more easily make and receive calls without any physical strain. The MPOW cellphone holder is very sturdy and durable which will last you for a number of years. It also mounts to your windshield securely with a suction part.


Another good gift for this vehicle brand is the iOttie iTap 2 phone mount. Since phones are always getting larger, it will benefit you to get larger and heavier mounts for these devices. With the iOttie iTap 2 phone mount, you will be able to easily hold all of your devices with ease. You can get this mount in a number of forms. These include dashboard, windshield, vent and CD slot forms. With magnetic plates, the mount will be able to stay on any one of these surfaces.


When using a vehicle, there may be a number of incidents that you will witness and even be involved in. Some of these incidents are unavoidable as well. One of the things that can provide you with a way to obtain legitimate evidence is a camera. Therefore the Aukey dash cam is one of the gifts that will benefit anyone who drives this vehicle brand. The cam by Aukey is very inexpensive and reliable which will enable you to take photos of any incident that may occur. Another great thing about this camera is that it can be store in a very discreet location. As a result, you will not have to worry about anyone noticing the camera while it is used. The camera also has an emergency recording which can allow you to get images of incidents during these situations.


While newer Mazda vehicles nowadays have backup cameras, if you have an older vehicle, it will be very beneficial to get a backup camera. With a backup camera, you will be able to more easily see traffic and pedestrians behind your car. You will not have to worry about looking back and putting strain on your neck. Instead, you will just need to look at a screen and easily find out what is behind your car. The eRapta ERT01 camera offers high definition optics which will provide you with a clear view of your surrounding environment. It can also compliment all vehicle body styles as well. Therefore, this is one gift that will enhance your driving experience.


Another gift idea for a Mazda of this brand is a scanner. The Autel AutoLink scanner is a device that can connect a car’s OBD 2 port. This will provide you with auto diagnostics along with important performance stats. With this device, you will be in position to monitor your vehicle’s condition and determine when it is time to get maintenance. The Autel AutoLink scanner will also allow you to inform you about any problems with your vehicle ahead of time. As a result, it will help you save a lot of money in the long run.


The Handpresso Auto Hybrid is a very unique gift that will benefit any vehicle owner. Since drivers look to multitask, this item will provide them with a number of benefits. Those who love to drink coffee on the go will enjoy using the Handpresso Auto Hybrid. This is a compact device that sits on a cupholder and pours coffee for you. It is powered by the vehicle’s electrical port. With this item, you will be able to easily enjoy delicious coffee while your drive in the morning.

As the owner of a vehicle of this brand, there are a number of gifts that can make your driving experience more enjoyable. These gifts are not only cool but also very practical. Having practical gifts for your car will enable you to have added convenience, improve safety and also ensure that your vehicle is always running properly. With these gifts, you will have a number of items to benefit you during your vehicle ownership and driving experience.