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2022 Mazda CX-5 Red Front and Side View

Video: Mazda SUVs Production in Japan

Watch the video illustrating the production of Mazda SUVs in Hiroshima, Japan 

Mazda has always been known for its vehicles’ build quality, which significantly owes to its high-quality manufacturing units in Hiroshima, Japan. Operated by the Mazda Motor Corporation, the Hiroshima Plant is an automobile manufacturing complex in Aki, Minami, Hiroshima, Japan. The entire complex (including the head office and a nearby port) is about 420 acres in size and includes two plants: Plants I and II (officially “U1” and “U2” for their Ujina location). Currently, the Mazda SUVs manufactured in this complex include the CX-3, CX-30, CX-5, CX-60, and CX-9. Watch the video illustrating the production of Mazda SUVs in Hiroshima, Japan, presented to you today by our team at Puente Hills Mazda in City of Industry, CA. 

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Mazda Named Top Car Brand by Consumer Reports

Mazda Named Top Car Brand by Consumer Reports

Despite its comparably small-scale production, Mazda is one of the top major automakers in the world. This Japanese-based vehicle brand has been a part of the auto industry for decades; it was founded in Hiroshima more than a century ago—way back in January of 1920. Mazda produces a wide variety of vehicles to cater to a broad range of customers and recently it was Mazda named top car brand by Consumer Reports.

Vehicles that are designed and produced by Mazda are known for their quality, reliability, high performance on the road, and up-to-date high-tech features. Plus, Mazda’s philosophy includes the idea that designing vehicles is an art and should be a very creative process. This means that Mazda pays extreme attention to detail when designing their cars and all Mazda vehicles have their own unique style that is sure to stand out on the road. 

Mazda vehicles are not strangers to awards and chart-topping placements. Over the years, many Mazda vehicles—especially Mazda’s impressive lineup of SUVs—have become the recipients of multiple awards and have been listed by many automotive journals and critics in the auto industry as some of the top models within their respective vehicle classes. 

Even though their vehicles and their brand itself have already earned countless awards and honors, Mazda continues to prove that they are capable of outdoing themselves with the vehicles they design and produce for each passing model year. 

For the 2020 model year, Mazda was named for the very first time as Consumer Reports’ most reliable vehicle brand. Keep reading to learn more about Consumer Reports, their reliability ranking, and Mazda’s number-one placement on this list of the most reliable vehicle brands in the auto industry. 

About Consumer Reports 

Consumer Reports is a well-known non-profit consumer organization that provides reviews on various products that range from cars to computers. This organization was founded more than 85 years ago in January of 1936, and it has earned a reputation throughout these decades for providing unbiased reviews of products for the benefit of consumers.

Today, Consumer Reports is one of the most popular as well as one of the most widely trusted sources of product rankings and reviews in America. This is because Consumer Reports focuses on consumer-oriented research and is dedicated to advocating for consumers. This means that their product rankings and reviews are not skewed in any specific direction. Consumer Reports simply tests products thoroughly and delivers honest reviews about them for the public to read. 

Consumer Reports’ unbiased reviews are excellent sources of information that help consumers know whether or not the product they’re considering buying is worth buying before they actually purchase it. 

Consumer Reports’ Reliability Ranking 

Every year, Consumer Reports releases an annual reliability ranking in which it ranks major automakers by their reliability based on the average reliability of the vehicles these vehicle brands design, produce, and distribute on the mainstream auto market. 

Consumer Reports conducts an annual survey among their members—most of whom are in no way experts in the auto industry and are simply consumers who give their honest opinions on the vehicle they drive—to obtain their vehicle reliability data. For 2020, Consumer Reports received 329,000 responses about more than 2000 vehicle models from 32 different automakers. 

Mazda Named Top Car Brand

In this survey, Consumer Reports asked respondents to document any problems they experienced with their vehicle throughout the 2020 calendar year. Survey participants were given options to check off for areas in which they experienced problems with their vehicles—these areas include engine and transmission performance, brakes and steering systems, climate systems, and more. Respondents were also provided with space to write in their own words about any of these problems they experienced. 

In addition to the data they obtain directly from real consumers, Consumer Reports also buys vehicles from dealerships and tests these vehicles themselves on the road. Both these in-house tests and consumers’ survey responses are considered in Consumer Reports’ analysis that determines their annual reliability ranking of various vehicle brands on the market.

Mazda Earns The Title of Consumer Reports’ Most Reliable Automaker of 2020 

For 2020, Mazda placed first among 32 different vehicle brands as the number-one most reliable automaker of 2020. This means that, compared to 2020 vehicles designed and produced by other major automakers on the mainstream auto market, 2020 Mazda vehicles broke down the least number of times and experienced the fewest problems overall. 

Based on countless surveys and tests and reliability rankings such as this one from Consumer Reports, Mazda vehicles seem to be getting better and better with each passing model year. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle in 2021, you can’t go wrong with a 2020 or 2021 Mazda model. Rest assured you can feel safe as it’s Mazda named top car brand.