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Chances of Financing Approval on a New Mazda

Amy: 00:03
Hi, it’s Amy here. I’m welcoming you back to Puente Hills Mazda’s podcast. It’s a new year, which means that probably a lot of you have been making some resolutions including buying a car, buying a Mazda to be specific. I’m joined again today by Matt. Actually, we talked to him last month. Matt, welcome back.
Matt: 00:22
Thank you. Thank you.
Amy: 00:24
So, Matt, I wanted to know how your holiday went. You mentioned you’re going to be seeing your family.
Matt: 00:30
Yeah. You know what? It was so special. It was so funny. When me and the family get together, there’s just nothing but good times, and we’re just over there just teasing each other, clowning on each other. Food was absolutely just scrumptious. I don’t remember eating so much all year. And I think in the first couple of days of the family being with me, it was like all we could do was eat, talk, laugh, eat, talk, laugh, sleep, and then repeat [laughter].
Amy: 01:04
Oh, that sounds incredible.
Matt: 01:06
It was so much fun.
Amy: 01:07
Yeah. What was the best thing you ate?
Matt: 01:09
So we come from a Hispanic family, so some of the moles that we had were – goodness gracious – so delicious. I wish I had some here for you right now, Amy [laughter].
Amy: 01:22
Me too. I like that [inaudible] [laughter]. All right. Well, like I mentioned, it’s a new year so a lot of people are thinking about making that investment in a new vehicle. New year, new year– new year, new year, new car. All right. But it’s not as easy as just wanting it. You have to be able to afford it. And so when it comes time to purchase a vehicle, there’s a lot that goes into it including trying to figure out how all that finance stuff works. Right. Okay. And a lot of times, even though we like to think everyone’s automatically waking up and thinking, “I want to go get a Mazda,” people are weighing their options between the different vehicles that they want. Do they want a Mazda? Do they want a Toyota? Do they want, you know, whatever? So when that happens and they go through the process of coming into the dealership, you don’t just let people walk out with a vehicle, right?
Matt: 02:23
Well, no. I mean, when they come in, obviously we give them some time to kind of browse the lot and make sure that they find a car that’s right for them. So they’re obviously welcome to pick any car that they choose and go for a test drive. And if it’s right, then we’ll sit down and we’ll start talking about getting something that’s affordable, something that’s right for their finances. The thing about us at Puente Hills Mazda is that we really honestly don’t want you – especially at the beginning of the year – to get into something that is going to be troublesome more than anything. So actually, we actually work with a ton of different lenders in order to find the best rate for you.
Amy: 03:13
Okay. All right. Well, that’s helpful to know. And what are my chances? Do you get a lot of–
Matt: 03:24
Do we get a lot of rejections?
Amy: 03:27
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn’t want to say it, but thank you for saying it.
Matt: 03:31
No, no. Actually, there’s not. See, the benefit of being able to work with as many lenders as we do is that there’s bound to be one that’s going to be right for your position, wherever you’re at right now. And so we might actually be able to give you a few different options, and then we’ll, of course, explain everything to you. Some of it might mean a little bit more of a down payment and a lower monthly, and others might be just a slightly higher monthly with a lower down payment. I mean, there’s so many things that can happen.
Amy: 04:07
Oh, okay.
Matt: 04:09
Yeah. So it typically just depends on where you’re at. And we actually do have a lot of– a lot of our customers come in being preapproved already. And that’s something that’s great, but I mean, just understand, we are still going to try to beat whatever you have also. So again, our chances are very good at doing just that. You might love your bank if that’s where you got your preapproval from, but we work with hundreds of other banks. So there’s something out there. And you have the right obviously. If you love your bank and you want to just go with whatever they’re giving you as opposed to something that we found for you that might even be less expensive– I mean, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to go with the less expensive one, but the choice is completely up to you. It’s no pressure.
Amy: 05:01
Okay. Well, one thing that happens sometimes when you want to make a big purchase of any kind, including a vehicle, is that you guys are going to pull my credit.
Matt: 05:14
Amy: 05:15
Yeah. So it’s kind of drilled into me at a young age that that’s not something that you really want to have happen very often. So how does it affect– so if I’m doing car shopping and I’m going through this process, how is that going to affect my credit and what happens when I have these multiple inquiries on my credit? Is that going to sink me down?
Matt: 05:44
Well, I think that’s a very good question, and I think that’s really a misconception that’s out there right now. So I mean, it’s common practice, not just here at Mazda, but any dealership that you go to. If you’re car shopping, they’re going to be submitting your information to multiple lenders. So it’s not something that only we do, but like I said, it’s common practice. We’re all trying to find the lowest interest rate for you and whatever is most favorable to your position right now. So with multiple lenders, one thing that people don’t know is that you’re kind of given an amount of time. Typically, it’s 14 days. 2 weeks. Sometimes it’s a little bit longer. So what the lenders– oh, I’m sorry, what the credit bureaus understand at that point is that you’re car shopping. So they know that any car dealer you go to, you’re going to be checking credit on multiple lenders. So they understand that. So that’s why they give you this period of time, the 2 weeks, sometimes longer than that, for your credit to be counted just one time. So I could run your credit over 200 different lenders, but only 1 is going to go against your score.
Amy: 07:01
Oh, okay. So that’s helpful.
Matt: 07:02
Yeah. Yeah. You don’t have to– we’re not going to do too much damage on your report.
Amy: 07:07
Well, you’re kind of saying I probably shouldn’t try to buy a house and a car in the same 2-week period.
Matt: 07:11
I mean, maybe not. I mean, I don’t know much about housing or anything like that, but I do know it’s not going to damage you too much. Unless, of course, you decide over– let’s just say, you check with me, and I’m checking your credit. And then let’s just say you want some time to think about the offer that I gave you. And then you come back maybe a month later. Well, now I have to check it again. And then let’s just say you want to go to a different lender and another lender and another lender. So those other lenders, they’re doing the same thing I’m doing, and of course– as long as you remember you’ve got that 2-week period– I know I said that sometimes it goes even longer, but I would just, for safety purposes, just say 2 weeks, say 10 days in your head, if that helps you. If you go anything outside of that, then they’re checking the credit again and it could definitely go against you.
Amy: 08:08
Okay. All right. Good advice. Thanks for that. So in finance, do you have any other advice for me about when it comes time to make that–
Matt: 08:23
To make the purchase?
Amy: 08:25
Matt: 08:26
Well, I mean, obviously, like I said, we want to make sure that everybody leaves Mazda happy. So, to us, that doesn’t just mean that you’re leaving with a brand new vehicle, but it’s something that you’re going to be comfortable with. So definitely know what it is that you’re spending. Know your spending habits, your cost of living, aside from the vehicle. Know what it is that your family needs. Know what it is that you need, and make sure that you’re comfortable with the payment that we give you. And if not, just be open, be honest with us. Let us know. Say, “This is still a little too much.” And then we have to keep on working. “Guys, I know this is a little–” it might be kind of difficult for people to think I’m being genuine when I say this, but really, don’t be afraid to tell us no. We’re not here to force you into buying a vehicle. That’s not what we want to do. We’re really just trying to help. We’ve made it easy on people we feel that don’t– if you feel any type of pressure going into a dealership, you’re able to look online. You can go to our website, ask any questions that you want to. You can send us text messages. There’s real people on the other end that can help you out. If you’re looking for just information on a car, not necessarily wanting to purchase anything, I think finance, just stats, things like that, they could help you with that online.
Matt: 09:53
I think another thing that I’d like people to know, just because we talked a lot about credit being checked and things like that. When you look at your actual report, if you were to print out your credit report, you will still see each different lender. If it’s 100 lenders that I’ve tried to find for you, then you’ll see each one. And that’s just so that way you know what it is that’s going on. You’ll be able to have a complete record of who’s accessed your credit report. But again, it is just the one ding on your report that’s going to be going against your score.
Amy: 10:35
Wow. Cool. Okay. Thanks. That’s good to know.
Matt: 10:38
Yeah, no worries. And if you had more questions or if any of your listeners had more questions on it, you can actually go to Experian– I believe they might be at They have a FAQ section there. There’s one that’s specific to car shopping, so definitely you could check them out as well.
Amy: 10:59
Cool. Thanks. That’s a good advice. And what are some of the other things that when I come into your office, the finance area, that you’ll be trying to sell me on [laughter]?
Matt: 11:17
What will we be trying to sell you on? Well, I mean, obviously, we’re going to try to set ourselves apart from any other dealership around. So I think as soon as you come in here, it’s not like we want to sell you on anything. It’s more just the respect that we give you. You come here, you’re greeted with a smile, a nice handshake. We’ll ask you if you need any help looking around. But for the most part, we like you to just kind of go ahead, take your time, browse through all of our vehicles, and then just let us know if you have any questions. We don’t want to be someone that’s attached to your hip and whispering in your ear while you go through this process. We understand that car buying is one of the– it’s stressful. It can be stressful because you got to think about so much, “Is it right for me? Is it right for my family? Can it hold my family? Can we maintain this payment type of deal?” There’s a lot that goes into it. We’re all human, and so we all have to think about those human things, man.
Amy: 12:25
Yeah. Yeah. I appreciate that. And I hope that our listeners hear that and know that when they go to Puente Hills Mazda, they can feel confident that they’re making a good choice with someone that has their best interests at heart.
Matt: 12:37
For sure. Yeah. Definitely.
Amy: 12:39
And I think you proved that by sharing that great tip with us today about credit. So definitely, thank you for that.
Matt: 12:45
Oh, thank you. Yeah.
Amy: 12:46
And do you have any New Year’s resolutions this year?
Matt: 12:48
Geez. I have some goals that I want to accomplish this year, just on a personal level. Professionally, I just want to be able to help out as many people as I can. And like I said, even if that means I have to hear no from somebody, I’m willing to take that. That’s fine. So, yeah.
Amy: 13:09
All right. Great. Excellent. Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you next month on the Puente Hills Mazda podcast. Thanks, guys.

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Podcast: Puente Hills Mazda Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Amy: 00:00:02.589 Hi, it’s Amy. I’m welcoming you back to Puente Hills Mazda’s podcast. It’s a pretty great time of year. In fact, some would call it the most wonderful time of the year. We’re all getting ready shopping for our loved ones, and being all festive, and celebrating. I’m joined today by Matt, who is a car aficionado. He just loves driving. And I was talking to him a little bit about the season, and he thinks that there is no better gift than a vehicle for the ones that you love. Is that right, Matt?

Matt: 00:00:35.706 I mean, if you can. Yeah. I’d appreciate that [laughter].

Amy: 00:00:39.717 All right. Well, welcome today. Thank you for joining us.

Matt: 00:00:42.332 No worries. Thank you for having me.

Amy: 00:00:44.674 Of course. So tell me, what is the atmosphere like at a car dealership like Puente Hills Mazda this time of year?

Matt: 00:00:55.376 Well, honestly, man, it’s pretty busy. So obviously, everyone’s happy. A lot of our guys here are kind of in and out for vacations, seeing family, welcoming family. It’s just a great time. It’s actually pretty busy still. Obviously, there’s a lot of shoppers that come in that feel like I feel and think that it’s the perfect gift to get a new car [laughter]. But around this time, I think a lot of people, a lot of consumers are just more interested in the type of deals that we have at the end of the year. And I think even if they don’t buy a car in December, let’s say, they’re looking to get something pretty soon, so early January or maybe even February type deal. But that’s typically how it goes at dealerships. And around here, man, everyone is festive. Everyone is wearing the little Santa hats, elf hats, all over the place, and it’s just a great time.

Amy: 00:01:56.167 Are you wearing a Santa hat?

Matt: 00:01:57.456 Not right now. For this interview, no, but I do have one. I do have one, and I definitely do like to wear it. I’m one of those guys that likes to wear hats all the time, and unfortunately, I just left mine. But I do have one, so if you see me walking around, guys, and you see me with a hat, don’t laugh.

Amy: 00:02:17.051 Why would anyone laugh? I mean, maybe if it was a February like you were saying. But it’s December.

Matt: 00:02:23.263 Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Amy: 00:02:25.041 It’s a wonderful time to be wearing Santa hats. So you mentioned that people might be window shopping a little bit, kind of prepping themselves to buy a vehicle in January and February. What is something that– what’s a good reason for them to actually take the plunge now?

Matt: 00:02:41.722 Well, I mean, obviously, we do want to get rid of everything that we have for 2018, and we want to bring in the new year with new vehicles. So 2019 models, they’re pretty much around the corner. You know what I mean? So we have all those ready to go. And right now, you can find all types of deals on our 2018 models, and that’s just typically how things go each and every year. Every dealership wants to get rid of 2018 and get ready for the new stuff.

Amy: 00:03:12.945 And I know people think that they always want that new vehicle. And obviously, I know being in the car space, you would agree that getting that new vehicle is a great idea, that 2019 model. But there are still a lot of great benefits to the 2018 models, right? I mean, it’s not like they’ve changed anything just because they’re getting older. They’re still a good investment.

Matt: 00:03:34.162 Oh, yeah. 2018s are definitely– I mean, especially for a Mazda. We’ve included so much in 2018 as far as engine-wise, as far as being gas savers, as far as new technology goes, if you’re into the infotainment centers. So there’s all that stuff. Not to mention that body types and body styles of a lot of our cars, they just look so good. Anything from the Miata to our Mazda6. Mazda3s are still pretty popular. The thing about Mazda is there’s something for everyone, even if you guys typically have a– you need a larger vehicle like some of our SUVs. The CX-5, for example, has been one of our top sellers. We anticipate that still being the case in 2019. But, I mean, as far as 2019 goes, there might not be too much of a difference from 2018 besides a few little modifications here and there. So, I mean, unless you really are looking to get those modifications specifically, 2018 models are still definitely a way to go for anyone. I mean, I would suggest looking into that first.

Amy: 00:04:51.015 So let me pitch you a few people that I’m thinking about buying something for this holiday season. And can you tell me which Mazda would be the correct one for them or the best one in your opinion?

Matt: 00:05:01.251 Okay.

Amy: 00:05:01.984 So my cousin has three kids, and she cannot keep up with them. That’s the lifestyle [laughter]. And she’s looking for a new vehicle. She wants something reliable, something that she’s going to be able to haul around her family in, but also something that she’s going to feel good about herself when she drives it. Do you have any ideas for her?

Matt: 00:05:22.707 I mean, yeah. Obviously, it would depend on what she feels comfortable with as far as even payments go and such. I’m not sure how old–

Amy: 00:05:31.205 Oh, this is a gift.

Matt: 00:05:31.859 –the kids are.

Amy: 00:05:32.437 We’re Christmas shopping here.

Matt: 00:05:35.086 Okay. Well, I mean, if you’re– yeah. If you’re just going to buy it cash. I mean, I don’t know how old the children are or if they play any sports. But CX-5s are definitely something, like I said before, pretty popular right now. A bunch of space in the back, so if they do play any sports, you’ll be able to throw it in the back, man. Baseball bats, cleats, anything like that. There’s definitely room for all of the children. And the thing that I like about it is, typically, when we talk about families, we might think of a car seat and everything like that. I’ve been in the back seat with families, even on test drives. I actually had to install their car seat, and I stayed in the back and just had the drivers– well, the mom and the dad be driver and passenger. So I was really in the back seat and really got to feel. I had plenty of leg room and it wasn’t like we were a bunch of sardines in the back seat, even with that car seat. So that’s definitely a reason why I think the CX-5 is one of those that keep on selling. It looks good. It’s not one of those– when you see a CX-5, you’re not necessarily thinking, “Oh, I’m an old person now,” or something like that. You still look very stylish. You can still feel the engine. You can still get that feeling of, “I might be going pretty fast right now.” We’ve got the heated seats. It’s one of the safest cars on the road, so I would say look into that one.

Amy: 00:07:11.166 Okay. That seems like a good option. I’ve definitely heard a lot about it on the street, so. Yeah. So it backs up what you’re saying. Okay. So now, how about my other cousin? He just graduated from high school this past June, and he went away for college, and he’s been relying on his friends kind of to drive him around and stuff. And I’d really just love to be able to get him a car of his own. What Mazda do you think would be a good fit for him?

Matt: 00:07:43.099 Typically, for a college student, I like to say maybe a Mazda3. It’s not the biggest sedan we have, but typically, you don’t really need a big sedan when you’re a college student. You just need something that’s going to be reliable, fun to drive, and that’s definitely a Mazda3 there. So it does come in a couple different styles. If you wanted the four-door-type sedan, then that’s still pretty good looking too. So just because it’s four-door, it might not– people have this thing in their head where if it’s a four-door, it’s probably not sporty. Mazda doesn’t give you a reason to think that way. When you’re behind the wheel, the dash looks phenomenal. The steering wheel looks almost like a racing wheel kind of. And then we also have our– where you shift, it can actually go into manual mode. So even though it’s an automatic vehicle, you’ve got the option to run it as manual, the sport-shift-type thing. So I suggest those. If you’re a college student, it’s great on gas, it’s going to be reliable, and it’s just fun to drive.

Amy: 00:08:52.968 That’s a great recommendation, and I’m sure that he would appreciate that recommendation from you [laughter]. All right. Let’s do one more. My uncle, he’s actually just recently retired, and he’s looking for just a chance, an opportunity to enjoy his life a little bit more. He loves to drive and travel, but he’s not looking for anything too serious. What do you think?

Matt: 00:09:20.015 You said he likes to travel? Is he like the open road type of guy, or does he–

Amy: 00:09:24.097 The open road.

Matt: 00:09:26.104 –have a wife that he’ll be taking with him maybe, or pets or something?

Amy: 00:09:28.888 Well, he always like to bring his cat places, but a lot of times, he’ll leave the cat at home for the drive.

Matt: 00:09:34.498 Okay. I guess that would depend a little bit on just how he is. But I’ve seen some retirees come in, and they actually look for our Miata, the MX-5. It’s one of those cars that look great. The thing about the Miata, they kind of have this following where people loved it from the very jump, and they stayed on top of what’s coming new, what’s to expect from the Miata. They love that it looks good. It’s a roadster that’s been around for a while, and I think there’s been a lot of car companies that have tried to duplicate what we have, but they’ll never be able to do what we’ve done with it. So–

Amy: 00:10:19.817 Here, here.

Matt: 00:10:21.413 Yeah. Look at the Mazda Miata MX-5. That might be a good one for him.

Amy: 00:10:26.487 Okay. Well, it seems like no matter who you are and what your situation is in life, there’s a Mazda for you. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Matt: 00:10:31.946 I promise. Yep.

Amy: 00:10:32.684 Okay. And do you have any other suggestions for a kind of gift I might be able to give someone besides buying them a brand new car that still– I mean, well, I’m not talking a spa certificate here or something. Something that I could find at Puente Hills Mazda.

Matt: 00:10:52.791 Yeah. I mean, definitely. I think you can come right in and maybe give them a certificate for our service department. Or even if you go back there to our service area, you’ll be able to find just some nice little accessories for their cars, as far as key chains. We’ve got even blinds for your windshield. There’s a bunch of little knickknacks there that are kind of nice. Steering wheel covers, even things that go on your pedals to make it look a little sportier. We have a ton.

Amy: 00:11:29.267 Great. Well, thank you so much for joining us today. Is there anything else you wanted to add?

Matt: 00:11:33.062 Just Happy Holidays to everybody out there. I’m so anxious to see my family coming in. It’s been a while for me, so spending time with them is just going to be, gosh, just amazing to me, and I really can’t wait. So everybody, Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy your family and all your loved ones, and don’t forget to make some time. Come see us at PH Mazda [laughter].

Amy: 00:11:58.445 All right. Thanks.

Matt: 00:11:59.567 All right. Thank you.

Amy: 00:12:01.142 Happy Holidays, everyone.

choosing between a Mazda3 or Mazda6

Podcast Episode 2: Choosing Between a Mazda3 or Mazda6

Hi everyone, it’s Amy Riley, as I’m about to tell you, I am desperate for a new car. I’m here with my friend John, he is a blogger and a Mazda enthusiast, and I love Mazdas. I see them on the road and I think, “That is a gorgeous car, I want to drive one,” so I’m finally in the place in my life where I think I can take the plunge, get that new car, and so I thought, “Why just sit there and daydream about it in my head when I can make a podcast and talk to my good friend John about Mazdas.”
John 00:36
Amy 00:37
Right. John, how are you today?
John 00:40
I’m doing well Amy, how’s it going?
Amy 00:42
I am always good. Always good. So tell me, what is it about Mazda– I can tell you what draws me to Mazda. That’s like, it’s a nice looking car, it’s sharp, I only hear good things about it. But what drew you to Mazdas to begin with? How did your interest start?
John 01:04
Man, so my interest started I guess maybe five years back. And I think it really started with the Miata. I was– via my uncle actually, he was huge on cars. There was a ton of different roadsters out there. There was one from BMW that– it looked sharp, it was kind of nice. They had another nice one from Honda that was really, pretty sporty. It gained a lot of popularity in the young street racing world. It was even featured in some movies like Fast and Furious and stuff. And then, none of them were just– they couldn’t really match up to what Mazda was producing, because they were putting out this roadster called the Miata for years. And I really got to tell you, I feel like they perfected the roadster. I think to this day there’s not another roadster out there that can compete. And I don’t know if I’m being biased, but that’s what drew me to Mazda as a company, and I always see them getting better with every year.
Amy 02:15
Oh wow, well that’s quite the story. So I don’t think that I’m going to get a Miata this time.
John 02:22
Oh, what you going to get?
Amy 02:22
It may be on my radar for the future, but right now I’m thinking– I’m trying to decide is if the Mazda3 or the Mazda6 is the better vehicle for me. What do you think?
John 02:35
Okay, well both of them are pretty cool, I like them both. I think– have you looked at each trim? For the Mazda3 for example, it comes in the hatchback style or the sedan style. Did you already figure out which one you liked?
Amy 02:50
Probably, I’d go with the sedan.
John 02:52
Sedan? Okay.
Amy 02:53
John 02:53
Yeah, I can see you in a sedan. Alright [laughter]. A nice little blue one. Yeah, so the real cool things about Mazda– I don’t know if you’ve been inside one of the recent ones. The 2018 models, they have a real nice– what’s the word they’re using now– infotainment area. You have this little screen. I want to say it’s maybe I don’t know, five to seven inches in length, touchscreen, and it also has a little knob so you can just go to your selection whether you want to listen to your MP3s, the radio, CD player, even navigation. You can just choose what you want to look at. So that’s always a cool little tool. It’s right there in the– you know, right next to you where you’re steering wheel would be at– it’s to your right-hand side so you don’t have to look far away to see it. The color’s very bright, vivid colors, so that way you don’t have a hard time looking at it. I know I’m one of those drivers– man, I used to drive with one of those little Garmin navigations and I used to– I could never tell exactly what lane I was supposed to be in or if I’m on the right path. I had to look real close and that used to just throw me off. So you won’t have that problem here.
Amy 04:08
Good, good. All good.
John 04:10
It’s a 4-cylinder car, so if you’re going to be driving around– obviously gas is a problem nowadays, especially in the summer– everybody’s traveling and everybody’s worried about their gas. On this little 4-cylinder man, you’re going to be sitting good. You could be on that car for hundreds of miles and not have to worry about making another stop.
Amy 04:29
Okay, that sounds great. That sounds like a plus. You know, Mazda3, it’s good. It sounds good, but maybe I want to go just for that little bit more with the Mazda6. What do you think?
John 04:42
I like the Mazda6 actually. I think it’s– for one, it has a little more room. So if that’s something that you’re concerned about, obviously it’s a comfortable ride. And you can really feel– the thing is, with these Mazdas, is that when you step on that gas pedal you can really feel like you’re going. You don’t feel too much of a lag or anything. You will never feel like you don’t have enough power. We’re starting at– we’ll give you like 155 horses. That’s just the start. That’s the base model, is a 2.0 liter engine. So you’re going to feel like you could conquer any road. And a Mazda6, I’m going to tell you, I’m going to be honest man, you can hit the road in a Mazda6, you’re hitting the road in style. Comfort, we already talked about that. It’s just, I can’t see you going wrong with a Mazda6.
Amy 05:33
Okay. So you’re really not giving me a lot of guidance here [laughter].
John 05:40
Well what is that you’re really concerned about?
Amy 05:40
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Do you think that the Mazda3 or the Mazda6 is the right choice for me right now? Or do you think that maybe I want to try a small crossover like the CX-3?
John 06:00
Well, I mean– obviously that’s going to depend on what you prefer. If you’re comparing a Mazda3 to one of those crossovers, it’s not really fair–
Amy 06:16
A fair comparison?
John 06:17
Yeah. I mean, each of them are going to give you that, like I said, that infotainment area. You’re going to be able to do that Apple CarPlay, the Android auto capabilities are all there for each of those cars. One of the best things that I could tell you about each one– especially the Mazda3 though because they really stepped their game up– was safety. The Mazda3 was actually picked in 2018 as one of the top safety picks by the IIHS. So it scored good on every single crash test. I mean every single one. And in their front crash prevention, the technology there actually earned a rare score of superior. Not a lot of cars get superior ratings when it comes to head-on collision. So you know, safety is one of those things that Mazda wanted to keep on innovating. And so I think they really nailed it with this technology that they’ve been introducing as of late. So with you being my friend, being on the road, obviously I would care about your safety first. And I think if you’re in the right space to pick up a Mazda3, it looks sporty, it drives well, it’s comfortable. You won’t have to worry about gas. And safety is superior. Come on.
Amy 07:43
Yeah, I do think I’m leaning towards the Mazda3, maybe even before this conversation. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be missing out on anything by making a choice, so.
John 07:56
Yeah. I mean you’re going to look good regardless, man. Like–
Amy 07:59
It’s Mazda.
John 08:00
–the alloy wheels. I mean, you really can’t go wrong. I’m telling you this because it’s just the truth. Even if I didn’t know you, I couldn’t lie about this. This stuff is amazing, man. You’re probably going to be– you know they have different styles that we mentioned before. They have the hatchback, touring, hatchback, you’re more into the sedan so that’s great. You’ll probably be looking at maybe what, 22 for that car. And if that’s something that you can afford by all means, I’d get it.
Amy 08:39
So I’m going to head into– I’m thinking about going to Puente Hills Mazda. It seems like a good place. I kind of did my research, it had pretty good reviews and stuff. Before I go in and once I’m there, what do you think I should– what should my approach be?
John 08:56
Well I think you definitely want to make sure that you include all your expenses for this car. So definitely work out your payment, how much you can afford on the car payment itself. And also get a quote from insurance before you actually get the car, because a lot of people tend to overlook that. Let’s just say they’re going to be spending 250 on a car payment each month and they think, “Oh great, I’m good, I can afford that.” But then they don’t take into account “Oh I have to be paying another, whatever, 200 dollars a month on insurance that goes with it.” So you’re expecting this 250 a month payment, all the sudden you’re looking at 450. So definitely don’t forget about that. If it’s something that you might have to hold off on, then fine. But also, if you have a little bit of a down payment that you can kind of play with, then definitely. I think going in there having a back-up plan– I always like to tell people “Have a plan B and a plan C.” If that car is just not working for you, if you can’t get the payment right, I don’t think it’s worth stressing over every month, “Am I going to be able to make the car payment?” Obviously you’re going to have fun in this car. You’re going to be safe in this car. So you really want to take your time, make the right decision because it’s one of those investments that you’re on for the long haul. So if you could do that. Also, you can even check to see if you qualify for any type of rebates. You can just go onto the website,, check out any specials on there, if they do have any specials coming up, any rebates. A lot of times they’ll have some– when it gets towards the end of the month. I’m sorry, the end of the year– they’ll have some specials there. So if you can hold off a little bit and wait until around December, maybe even early January, to pick up your new ride, then why not?
Amy 10:55
Seems like good, solid advice.
John 10:56
Amy 11:00
So what’s the last Mazda that you got?
John 11:04
[laughter] The Mazda 3 hatchback.
Amy 11:07
Yeah, right. Okay.
John 11:09
Yeah, I got a nice little grey one. I think it started with 184 horsepower. It’s a 2.5 liter engine, [4-cylinder]. I have a lot of fun driving it. I still have it. I did a lot of– maybe not a lot, but I did a few little modifications on it. Give it a little bit more horsepower. It looks good, I love driving it. It was my daily driver for a long time. And I really like to go over the Ortegas and everything. I like those windy roads. It’s fun, man. I’ll go to the beach with this thing and put the little sunroof down, and just have a blast.
Amy 11:55
Yeah, woo, Mazda. [laughter] Alright, well what do you think? Do you have any last words, tips, advice you want to share with us, John, about Mazda?
John 12:15
Oh yeah, yeah. You know what, I’m the type of guy, man, I like to keep up with the company as a whole, not just the particular car. So I would follow Mazda, I’d follow Puente Hills Mazda. Follow them on social media to find out where they’re headed. A lot of times they’ll give you a sneak peek on what’s coming in the near future, maybe the upcoming year. 2019 is almost here guys. I know that kind of sucks to hear but almost here. A lot of people dread that but car enthusiasts, we kind of look forward to it because we’re anxious to see what’s coming down the pipe. Mazda, they went from– Mazda used to be one of those cars that maybe your grandmother owned, a 626 or something like that. And then you just see the transition where a lot of millennials are starting to get into the cars. And there’s a reason for that. It’s a smart buy. It really is. It’s really one of those things you cannot go wrong, you will not go wrong. So follow them on social media. You’ll start to see some articles, they’ll always point you in the right direction. And my personal experience with Puente Hills Mazda especially, they’ve been there. I’ve actually tweeted them just a question and they got back to me pretty quickly. And it actually made me come in there. Their service department is great. You could do pretty much anything that you need– service on your car– you could do it right there. So definitely follow them on social media, keep up with whatever they’re doing on the news, read their blogs. Their blogs have a lot of good information in them too. Yeah, I’d say just do that, you’ll be good to go.
Amy 14:05
Alright, sounds good.
John 14:08
Yeah I can’t wait until you get your car.
Amy 14:10
Me neither. I’m ready to take it for a drive and you know, show it off. I think that’s the whole point [laughter].
John 14:19
Alright, well good luck. If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know.
Amy 14:22
Yeah. Maybe I’ll ask you to come with me to get the car, John!
John 14:28
[laughter] Yeah, you’re going to be there for a while. I might do some test driving myself.
Amy 14:32
You should. Alright well thanks so much.
John 14:33
Alright. Mm-hmm. Bye.