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How can I save money on a rental car? 

Renting a car can get a bit expensive if you don’t know a few simple tricks. When you’re away from home, renting a car is pretty much the most convenient way to get around. That convenience comes at a cost, though. Keep reading to learn a few ways to save money the next time you rent a car. 

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3 ways to save money when you rent a car 

Use coupons 

This sounds obvious, and it’s a common way to save money on anything, but it’s important to remember. A lot of drivers don’t realize there are plenty of coupons for rental cars available online and all it takes to find them is a quick Google search. Even if you can’t find any applicable ones, your rental agent ought to have some options for you. 

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Don’t get your rental from the airport salesman handing keys to customers

When you land at your destination, it can be awfully tempting to get your rental car right then and there. But if you can find your way to a rental car store away from the airport, you will save money on said rental car. Airport-based dealers often charge up to 20% more for the same services because they are extra convenient. 

Pick out an economical model 

If saving money is your goal, try not to be tempted by high-end models. Go with something that is good on gas, inexpensive, and something that isn’t necessarily packed with features. If you’re only going to have a car for a week or two, tops, why bother putting a ton of money into it? 

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