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How to get gum stunk on the exterior of your vehicle off

Tips for unsticking gum from the exterior of your vehicle 

Life happens and so do mistakes. If you have ever chewed gum, you know sometimes it will fall out of your mouth.  No matter how the gum got on your car, you need to get it off. We have found some ways to get gum from the exterior of your vehicle. Keep reading to learn how. 

gum on carpet

Using Chemicals 

To soften up the gum, you will need to a cotton ball and soak it in body solvent then place it on top of the gum for a few minutes. Then take a soft cloth and wipe. If it does not come off all the way, repeat a second time.  

Use soap and water 

The number one rule is to not run, scrub or scrape too hard. You do not want to ruin the paint of your vehicle if you can help it. Before you start adding soap and water, pull off as much gum as you can and then move your vehicle to a shaded area. All you need to do is add a squirt of dish soap to a bucket of water. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away the gum. If the water is hot enough, the gum should be removed easily. 

Use bug and tar remover 

Another way to take gum off your vehicle is by using bug or tar remover. This solution is best because it is designed to not harm a vehicle’s exterior. Add the solution to a soft cloth and slowly wipe away the gum. 

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