How to Increase Fuel Efficiency in Your Car

Five Simple Actions to Increase Fuel Efficiency

Whether you’re coping with increased gas prices or trying to cut costs, your good driving habits can be helpful in this regard. You might be glad to find that there are five simple actions you can take to increase your fuel efficiency. Keep reading the blog by Puente Hills Mazda in City of Industry, CA, to learn more about it.

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Check the Tire Pressure Regularly 

Check your tire pressure once a month, at the very least. Tires that are underinflated consume more fuel. The rolling resistance of tires increases by 5% if they are 8 pounds underinflated. 

Keep Your Speed Steady Throughout the Journey 

Your car’s fuel efficiency begins to deteriorate once it reaches 45-50 mph. The worse it gets, the faster you go. When feasible, stick within the speed limit and use cruise control. Rapid acceleration and severe braking consume a lot of fuel; therefore, avoid them if at all feasible. But remember, safety comes first. 

A Clean Car Is the Key to Increase Fuel Efficiency

If you don’t want to spend money at the pump, don’t drive your car with dirty or jammed filters, such as air or oil filters. Replace them or have them cleaned. Don’t forget that a serviced engine uses less fuel, so better not to miss the schedule.


Cut off Extra Luggage 

When not in use, remove external carrying equipment such as roof boxes or bike racks. Due to the additional wind resistance created by such materials, the car needs to work significantly harder to cut through the air. The result is nothing but higher fuel consumption. 

Reduce the Usage of Air Conditioners 

Leave the air conditioning off unless it’s cold or unbearably hot in the car. When used at low speeds, it might strain the engine and cause it to burn more fuel. The same may be said about heated windshields, defrosters, and other electrical devices. However, it would be best to turn on the air conditioner now and then to guarantee that seals and other components do not degrade.

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