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Should You Drive in a Lightning Storm?

Tips for National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2019

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week 2019 takes place later this month from June 23rd to June 29th, 2019. This awareness week tries to bring awareness to the danger of lightning and the ways that you can seek protection during a lightning storm. We want to help you with lightning safety regarding driving. Keep reading to find the answers to “should you drive in a lightning storm?” and more.

Is it safe to drive during a lightning storm?

It is always safer to stay home during a lightning storm. If for some reason you find yourself driving in a storm, you should stay inside your vehicle. Hopefully, you are driving in a completely enclosed vehicle, with the windows closed and a hard top. The hard metal top of your vehicle can reflect the lightning away from you and into the ground. Just make sure to avoid touching anything metal in your vehicle during a storm, because these can conduct the lightning and shock you. Find a safe place to pull over and wait out the storm. Metal in your vehicle can be found inside of your steering wheel, radio, metal door handles, and phone charging ports.

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Can you drive in a soft-top vehicle during a lightning storm?

We would not recommend driving in a soft top vehicle during a lightning storm. Likewise, do not ride on a motorcycle, bicycle, or open-roofed vehicle during a lightning storm. If you find yourself in this situation, seek shelter in a building. If there is no shelter around, try to find an area of low trees. Avoid trees that are standing on their own or that are the tallest trees in the area, as these can attract lightning. Don’t stand in an empty field, because you want something taller than yourself nearby to attract lightning away from you.

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