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Where to Get Apple CarPlay installed in a Mazda vehicle in City of Industry, CA

Puente Hills Mazda, near Los Angeles, can install Apple CarPlay into your Mazda vehicle 

Puente Hills Mazda, the dealership serving the Los Angeles area, can help you get Apple CarPlay installed into your Mazda vehicle. Mazda announced late last year that Mazda vehicles as old as the 2014 model year could get Apple CarPlay installed. Apple CarPlay will allow you to use your Apple smartphone through your vehicle. Keep reading to learn how much it will cost you and how much time it will take. 

Where to get Apple CarPlay installed in a Mazda vehicle in City of Industry, CA 

Come into our dealership, located at 17723 East Gale Avenue in City of Industry, CA.  

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How much will it cost to get Apple CarPlay installed into my Mazda vehicle? 

Purchasing the Mazda Connect infotainment system will cost you $199, and the installation will cost you additional labor fees. The additional fees will vary from dealership to dealership. To learn about our cost of labor here at Puente Hills Mazda, please contact our service team. Contact information can be found on our site.  

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How long does it take to install Apple CarPlay into a Mazda vehicle?

Once you know the cost of our labor, keep in mind that the installation will take around two hours. It is a complicated installation process which could include upgrades to your current USB ports in your vehicle. Set up an appointment with our service team and keep in mind the time length for your appointment. Feel free to leave the dealership and come back when the repair is finished. Or hang out at our dealership for a few hours and leave with your newly advanced vehicle.  

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