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Why is my car making a grinding noise?

Cars make different sounds. Some are good, some are bad. A grinding noise, for instance, is bad. Have you been hearing some unpleasant grinding or clanking when you accelerate, turn, or brake? There could be a number of explanations why you’re hearing it. Keep reading to see what the problem might be. 

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Three reasons why your car is making a grinding noise 

1.) You have a worn CV axle 

This is what is commonly described as a grinding noise by drivers. If you hear a loud grind on a tight turn at a low speed, it is likely because of a worn out or damaged CV axle. As it wears down, the joint doesn’t smoothly articulate. When it catches a stiff area, it results in a harsh grinding sounds. 

2.) Your brake components are worn down 

Perhaps the most common cause of grinding is old brake pads. You will hear this recognizable sound when you apply your brakes and sometimes when you are making a turn. Your brake pads can come in contact with your rotor and the grinding noise happens when the brake pad material is worn down or completely gone. Brake pad replacement is very routine, so schedule an appointment to get it taken care of. 

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3.) You are leaking power steering fluid 

Have you ever tried to steer a car that was almost totally out of power steering fluid? It’s darn near impossible. We take power steering technology for granted, so when it stops working we don’t know what to do. Even if you can still turn your car, it probably won’t come without some kind of grinding or moaning noise. This sound comes from air bubbles that are trapped in the power steering fluid. The bubbles move as the fluid moves which causes a surprisingly loud sound. 

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