Covid-19 response from Puente Hills Mazda 

While everything is very uncertain with COVID-19 and how long it will last, we can assure you at Puente Hills Mazda we have been taking extra precautions to do our part in keeping our customers and staff safe. We have been diligent on cleaning all customer touching points like door handles, desks and chairs. We have created this page to inform everyone on our best practices. From the Puente Hills Mazda staff, we hope all of you are safe during this time. 

Our Service Center 

While there is a “Stay at Home” order from California Governor Gavin Newsom, our service center qualifies as an essential business. We will be open from 7 am until 5 pm Monday through Friday and 7 am until 4 pm on Saturday.  

Our Showroom 

To take extra precautions, our dealership showroom is closed. We do invite you to check out our online showroom to see which vehicles we currently have available. You can use the filter feature to narrow down the options and find the vehicle for you. 


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Practice social distancing for COVID-19 

The best practice for social distancing is staying home. If you do happen to leave your home, please try to stay at least six feet away from anyone you come across. At Puente Hills Mazda, we are following the same procedures with our staff and customers alike.  

Recommendations for Sanitation 

The majority of your home and vehicle can be cleaned using disinfectant wipes. After you touch anything in a public space, always try to wash your hands as soon as possible and do not touch your face. Use soap and water for about 20 seconds. Hand-sanitizer is another way of keeping your hands clean as well. 

Sources we recommend for more information about COVID-19 

Please feel free to check out these other online sources for more information on COVID-19.