Oil Change in Industry CA

Your Mazda needs oil. Not just any oil, it needs fresh oil. Most Mazdas require an oil change about once every 3,000 miles. Check your owner's manual to be certain. Oil change appointments are among the most routine and standard auto maintenance services. They are easy to perform, but if you've never done one by yourself, they can be a bit confusing and frustrating.

Allow us to help! The maintenance staff at Puente Hills Mazda here in Industry can get your oil changed in no time. It's a simple process that our technicians have performed hundreds if not thousands of times. Why is it so important to change your oil? You hear about motor oil all the time but what does it do? Basically, oil is the blood of your car. Like your heart needs blood flowing to and from it, your engine needs oil. Just think of your car's engine as a heart. If you go long enough with old oil or no oil at all, your Mazda will breakdown beyond affordable repair. Pay around $25 now and avoid a litany of damages and repair costs later.

Order Genuine Mazda Parts

Maybe you are one of those people who enjoy changing their own oil. Again, it is relatively easy to do and it's not something that is too tough to learn. Order the parts you need and save on the labor costs. Mazda parts are all authentic and guaranteed to be specifically engineered for your particular vehicle. Place an order for whatever parts you need and we will notify you of their arrival.

Services at Puente Hills Mazda

Of course, our mechanics can do more than change oil. Need new tires? How about a coolant flush? Maybe something more complex like some kind of internal engine issue? We can do it all here. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call and explain what about your Mazda has been pestering you. We promise to deliver good, hard, honest work to you. Contact us today!
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