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How often should I change my Mazda vehicle’s transmission fluid?

Does my Mazda vehicle’s transmission fluid need to be changed?

If you have noticed any odd symptoms with your Mazda transmission, then we recommend taking your vehicle in for an inspection. However, if you just want to know whether you need to change your Mazda vehicle’s transmission fluid regularly, then read on below to learn more.

Transmission fluid change in Mazda vehicles with SKYACTIV ® TECHNOLOGY

Mazda vehicles with SKYACTIV ® TECHNOLOGY do not need to have their transmission fluid changed regularly. Mazda vehicles with SKYACTIV ® TECHNOLOGY have lifetime transmission fluid. The only time that their transmission fluid should be changed is when a major transmission component or the entire transmission needs replacing. If you are unsure whether the entire transmission or a component of the transmission needs replacing, please take your vehicle into our service department. You can schedule a service appointment here on our website.

Transmission fluid change in Mazda vehicles without SKYACTIV ® TECHNOLOGY

For Mazda vehicles without SKYACTIV ® TECHNOLOGY, the story is a little different. These Mazda vehicles will need occasional transmission fluid changes. To find out how often you should be changing your Mazda vehicle’s transmission fluid, please refer to your owner’s manual under the “Maintenance and Care” section. The owner’s manual has been specifically written with your model in mind, and following those suggestions is a great way to keep your Mazda vehicle running smoothly.

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How do I know if something is wrong with my Mazda vehicle’s transmission?

There are several symptoms that may key you into a faulty transmission. If your transmission fluid is dark, dirty, or smells burnt, then bring your vehicle in for a fluid change. If your transmission seems to be slipping when you change gears, this is a sign of a faulty transmission.

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